Monday Musings ~ Skinny Shamed/Healthy Gut

…a few thoughts, a little scattered… 

So, I posted this on my Facebook last night and it sparked a lot of conversation, both comments and separate messages and texts….

Throughout my life I’ve been “skinny shamed” for being thin. Some complementary and some certainly not nice. Lately I’ve been asked about losing weight, again some complementary and some not so nice. The only thing that has changed for me over the last couple of months is taking my dog on a walk almost every day, proving that consistent exercise, even just 20-25 minutes a day will change your body. And, if I’ve “lost weight”, it’s only a few pounds.
I‘ve written about being healthy before, because heart disease runs in my family and I want to take care of myself. So, no I don’t need to eat more, I eat really well and am on no kind of “restrictive” diet.
But, I am still committed to being healthy.
The more I learn about “gut health” the more I am intrigued about headaches I get and other symptoms that could be related to my gut. So, I’ve committed to 60 days with Plexus and can’t wait to see how my body will change from the inside out with my walks continuing and losing the toxins inside. See you back here November 16th and if you have questions along the way, I’m happy to talk about it. As I learn more, I will share more.
So, please, don’t tell me, or anyone else for that matter, “you need to eat”. Weight is a real issue for lots of people and no matter what you think, you don’t know what it’s like to be in their shoes and your words can hurt. This world is cruel, demands & expectations of women’s bodies especially are unrealistic and eating disorders are real, as I know several people who fight that battle regularly. So, be kind with your words. And, thank you to those of you who are kind with your words to me about my figure/build.

And, here’s what I’ve learned… 
  1. This wasn’t intended to be about Plexus, but I’m amazed how many people use Plexus products and have for a long time. 
  2. I am not an expert on “gut health” and that is a buzzword of late, but it is amazing how many symptoms my friends have used Plexus for AND have seen results because of better gut health. 
  3. I can’t believe I only have ONE friend who’s talked to me about Plexus?!  And, so many friends who use it!?  Why are you keeping secrets?? 
  4. If you want to know more about Plexus I do have some expert friends who have been taking it for a long time and I would be happy to connect you. 
And, here’s what I know… 
  1. Above all, I think sharing about our health and wellness is important. 
  2. Eating well balanced (indulge + moderation), exercise, water and vitamins are GOOD for us! So, if you’re taking vitamins and pro-biotics and not seeing any kind of results, it’s worth a try to change them up. 
  3. For better sleep, less anxiety, kicking migraines, less seasonal allergies, no more acid throat, less bloating; which are all things my friends mentioned as results, who I had NO idea they were using Plexus; it’s worth at least a mention and for you to try! 
  4. Bonus, might drop a few pounds, but it’s not a major weight loss and it’s not a “quick fix”; 60 days to get through gut cleanse and to maintenance of healthy gut. 
Want more? Google “Gut health and” and see what you find….this is what I got today….
(Side note – just realized time on screen shot: 12:34, the time I always see the clock) 😉

Let’s chat if you have questions, I don’t want to be a secret keeper of something that could change everything for you!  Leave a comment or send an email!


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