#write31days | October 3rd

(Continuing my Monday Musings during October’s #write31days)

…a few thoughts, a little scattered…

Some days I have so many words and some days it’s hard to actually put words to all of my thoughts that would make sense to anyone else. This weekend was one of those times.

I’ve mentioned on the regular about my road show days…living like a gypsy; 30 day stints in hotels; setting up, working and tearing down expo shopping booths at rodeos and horse shows; cruising cross country with my dog; hauling a 20+’ trailer; community of friends from the road.  It is really hard to put into words my heart for that year I spent on the road and what has come from it.

But, there wouldn’t have been a year on the road if it weren’t for circumstances of that year…a layoff, a break-up, moving out of my apartment, being S I N G L E, and saying no to other things to say yes to the road.

And going on the road turned into a year of therapy for me…to heal my heart, to find my gifts, to meet new people, to think and process, and so many other things.

Now, when I see Facebook memories from that season that started a little over 4 years ago I can look back with confidence I was right where I needed to be right when I needed to be there. Working physically harder than I ever have that also worked out so many other things deep in me.

Looking back isn’t a wishful remembrance for me but a thanksgiving of how much that season changed me and what it meant to me for now the rest of my life.

I was just telling one of my road show friends, who has become a dear bestie I can’t imagine never having met, how every now and then I get the craving to pack up and hit the road again. But, I’m lucky to have a network that I can take off for a weekend and fill that void and go back to being where I know I am supposed to be now.

So, these are my thoughts from a weekend working at Texas Antiques Week…

Weekend away. 
Weekend off the grid.
Weekend fully present.

The road show life is in me and a little dose does me for a while. It’s the fields of stories, dreamers and doers, chasers and starry eyed….following their callings, stretching as thin as possible, leaving behind whatever held them back. So thankful for those friends, the ones who never compete, but cheer each other on, who you can sit under the open sky and catch up for a few minutes, just a couple of times a year, that dose fills me up, for a little while, until the next time….

…when the road calls again, and I know I will know that is exactly where I need to be.
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