#write31days | October 20th

You’re so lucky, you’re S I N G L E, you get to __________________. 
I wish I could go on a trip to ____________ with friends. 
I’m jealous, you get to ________________. 
I would love a day of nothing to do. 

If you’re S I N G L E you’ve probably heard these things said to you on more than one occasion.

Sometimes maybe you feel like “yes, thank goodness I am S I N G L E” or other times like “I wish I had a family and was at a soccer game and a birthday party and cooking dinner for my family instead of being by myself“.

Statements like this even go into body image and other comparisons of women who see someone they wish they could trade one little thing in from their life for another’s. But, alas we can’t. And, the life we have is the one we have right now. It could change, for better or for worse, but what we have right now is what we should enjoy. This probably goes for guys too, but they aren’t near as vocal about it.

So, if you’re S I N G L E and can take the trips and do the things, GO!  
If you’re not, and it’s important to you, figure out how to make it happen.  

Celebrate the fun things that your circle gets to do! Don’t be jealous over them, doesn’t matter if you’re married or S I N G L E.

Planned trip? Text your bestie to have a great trip and ask how it was after.  
Day of no plans? Check in and see if they want to do something or follow up and ask how much they enjoyed their day. 
And, on and on…. 

The friendships I have with my besties who are married are no different than with my S I N G L E friends. Oftentimes the places we get to see each other are different, little league games vs tix to sports event, swimming pool vs happy hour patio, family dinner vs dinner out.  Know what? Those are some of my favorite memories with those friends because I see them in their element, being a Mom and wife. I learn from them and treasure that I get to be included in these moments. And, if their schedule permits for some kid-free time I enjoy those times too.

For me my friendships are all the same, married friends or S I N G L E friends. I work at friendships and my besties do the same. Even the ones I don’t get to see as often as either of us would like.

Words matter and you never know how your words are going to affect someone. So celebrate them, no matter what stage of life your friends are in, let them know you are cheering for them and want to hear about their adventures.

If you’re just joining in from #write31days, I’m so glad you’re here!
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