#write31days | October 23rd

It is Sunday and so that means talking S I N G L E + church today.  In case you missed the previous posts, {click here for Oct 9th} and {click here for Oct 16}.

Years ago I can remember listening to a friend preach about dating and the disciplines of our lives when we are S I N G L E vs. married.  How the things we “have no time” for as a S I N G L E person will be magnified in marriage. Especially the disciplines of our lives that include our faith.

IF you are a believer in Jesus, we are called to relationship with him, and like any friendship, dating relationship or marriage, none of them are built without time spent together. Often times you might see others “lose themselves” when dating someone because it seems the person they are dating has made them into someone else.

Or maybe that’s been you. 
And, maybe that’s been me. 

We start to give a lot of time to that new interest and relationship. In these days checking our phones; maybe for likes or responses to social media, for texts and wondering why no text, for phone calls or plans to be made.

What did you (I) do with all of that time before they were around? 

Filled it with the things that were important to you and all the sudden you (I) don’t have time because someone else has entered the picture that at times can become consuming. Or maybe they are no longer in the picture and that can become consuming in your conversations with any(every)one.

All good things need boundaries, especially at the beginning as you’re in a getting to know you stage of dating.  And, they liked you because of who you are, so don’t let that girl (guy) go and become someone else.

The discipline that ebbs and flows in my life is time I spend seeking the Lord, reading, studying and praying.  I know that I have enough hours in the day to make that time happen every single day. But, there are days that I press snooze excessively and then enter in a rat race to get to work, or lay on my couch in the evening and mindlessly scroll social media or just waste time. Sometimes I feel like it is justified to have some mindless time, and it likely is, we all need a mental break.

But, in my time spent working on my relationship with Jesus, I would find that same rest. He says come to me all who are heavy laden and He will give me rest, but I will choose my social media feeds instead. He says I will give you the desires of your hearts, but I will talk and over talk scenarios with my friends instead. He says ask and the door will be open, but I will choose to work on those doors myself instead.

Because most of the time I can get some type of instant gratification out of one of those areas. I like seeing what is going on in my friends lives, talking out my thoughts with friends, I feel better when I am busy and working on crossing off my to-do list.

When you’re S I N G L E the silence can sometimes be hard. The questions to God of why can seem like a lack of faith. The unanswered prayers leave us to question if God is really there.

So, as much for me as maybe for someone else who needs to be encouraged. Do not give up the time of meeting with God. Seeking relationship with Jesus. He is faithful to show up. He will hear all of our questions and will deliver on his promises.

Through seasons of life this time will look different, the time of day, the place, the books you choose, the length of time you have.

But, one thing I know for certain.  
You (and I) will never regret that time when it is complete.  

Much like the workout we procrastinate starting is never a regret when it is complete. And developing these habits, protecting the time you spend in building a relationships with Jesus and continuing that discipline should never be replaced because someone new shows you (or me) some interest.

If you’re just joining in from #write31days, I’m so glad you’re here!
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