#write31days | October 24th

…a few thoughts, a little scattered…

I’ve never been one much for podcasts, but one of my besties and I were talking a couple of months ago and she asked me about podcasts. Did I ever listen to them?

I told her no, I’m not in my car for long commutes, I don’t typically have “noise” on in my house, (I know, that’s very weird for a lot of you #keepingitreal), don’t love movies and really don’t watch much tv. More than anything I turn on a playlist from iTunes or Spotify.

But, there were some people’s podcasts I listen to from time to time.  Mainly the Big Boo Cast with 2 of my favorite authors.  I like this one because it’s like I’m sitting in on a coffee shop catch up with two besties, one of who I know in real life. We also have a fun fact in common, but that’s for another time.

I kept thinking back to my friend asking me and telling me about a few good podcasts.  And, I figured out where podcasts were accessible on my phone (#dinosaur) and searched up a few.  To my delight I found that another favorite author and teacher Beth Moore had recently been a guest with a few podcasters due to the release of her new novel.  So, I loaded those up.  Also a couple of others.

In the mornings as I was getting ready for work I would turn on the podcast, and evesdrop on great conversations with those who invite you right in where you feel like you’re part of the conversation. This is definitely a gift, and one hesitation to podcasts because I don’t really love talk radio either #allmycrazyondisplay, and so I found myself eager to listen in to another one.

In case you might need a bright spot in your day, where you can learn all matters of mundane to people who are literally changing the world, here’s a few I recommend (all of these are links to take you to their pages)…

(I participated in one of these when I was at BB, not sure when it will air!)
If you have a podcast that you love please share with me!

Today was a break for #MondayMusings and tomorrow is back to the last week of writing for this month on S I N G L E!  I’ve got a few last posts to share, but if there’s anything you’d like to know, ask away!  🙂 Two posts that I feel like are topics that come up the most often are these, click to read:

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