#write31days | October 30th

It is Sunday and so that means talking S I N G L E + church today.  In case you missed the previous posts, {click here for Oct 9th} and {click here for Oct 16} and {click here for Oct 23}.
God created Adam. 
God created Eve. 
God commanded to go forth and multiply. 
So, God created sex. 
Sex was created for one woman and one man. 
Bound together in marriage. 
Sex was designed to be good. 

If you are S I N G L E, or dating, or engaged and you believe the Bible you should not be having sex. It will not save your relationship and will only harm it by giving you a temporary pleasure; where so many other parts of your  relationship that are key to discerning if this is a good relationship and one worth pursuing towards marriage are masked by the physical “connection”.

Adam and Eve were given minds to choose. 
The very first sin was recorded and we as a result are all sinful. 
God loves us more than our sin. 
He sent his Son for our sins. 
He forgives all of our sins. 

You and I are given minds to choose. But, you and I are loved beyond our choices by God who is a good good Father. He sees and knows our hearts.  He sees and knows our hurts. He sees and knows our shame. He sees and knows our disappointments. He sees and knows __________________.  Yes, all of it.

His grace covers sins. 
With our repentance of an honest heart. 
Who desires to live a life that is honoring. 
Of God. 
Of our bodies. 
Of our future mates. 
If you are S I N G L E you need to establish physical boundaries in dating BEFORE you are dating anyone. Those boundaries can be discussed with your significant other, but they are not boundaries for them to change. They are YOURS. If they don’t respect your boundaries (this is for guys and girls) walk away.  
Sex has never saved a relationship. 
It has only torn them a part. 
Sex is one of the highest income earning industries in the US. It is exploited, cheapened and commercialized. None of which were what sex was created for.  Sex is touted as “free” and “expression of yourself”. None of which are true.  Sex by design is to be a giving of one’s self to another, who is bound by a covenant of marriage. There is no gray in Biblical directive about sex. 
No one says waiting will be easy. 
But nothing worth waiting for is easy. 
You are never too late in God’s eyes to change your actions. And, I challenge you, if you claim Christianity and believe the Bible to examine your physical boundaries and commitment to sex for only your spouse.  And, seek wisdom and wise counsel from those who share in your beliefs. Not in a magazine who claims to give you 10 ways to the best night of your life.  Or a person who tells you “I love you” and expects that you show your love in return through sex. 
The one for you is worth waiting for. 
And, the ONE who loves your more is waiting. 
A great resource and book on relationships and God’s intentions is The Mingling of Souls, God’s Design for Love, Marriage, Sex and Redemption by Matt Chandler.  Which is where this quote comes from (page 86)…..
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