Monday Musings ~ Election Eve

…a few thoughts, a little scattered…
It is no doubt American adults will go to bed tonight with great anticipation of what tomorrow’s “Super Tuesday” will hold. The rest of the world also taking an anxious seat awaiting election results. I don’t know that there has been a nastier campaign in history, but I do know that tomorrow history will be made. 
A new President will be elected. 
The 45th President of the United States. 
Barring any political opinion, we’ve seen and heard enough of those, I wanted to write down a few thoughts to have to look back on for my own sake about this election. 
Yesterday in church, we had a guest teacher who spoke very wise words that have stuck with me throughout the day and today.  They apply not only to this election, but to so many divisive issues. He said this… 
If we can’t overcome differences with others, 
then the affiliation (the difference) we proclaim is greater than our affiliation with Christ. 
Because the vote 
(on this election and every other divisive opinion we have) 
is NOT the vehicle for restoration and reformation. 
Jesus is. 
Despite how seemingly corrupt the opposing candidate is to your choice, at the end of the day, every person on this earth (you and me included) is a sinner. None of us worthy of the first ounce of grace. 
But, Jesus. 
A redeemer for every one of us. 
The only hope we have in restoration. 
The only hope we have in reformation. 
So come what may tomorrow. 
Cast your vote. 
Love the people around you. 
Say your prayers. 
Let your dearest affiliation speak the loudest. 
Which may require no words at all. 
Sometimes you can’t see the beginning. 
Sometimes you can’t see the end.
But what you can see, the promise, will always remain. 
No filter because truth needs no filter. 
And, sometimes life has clouds, gray skies, rainbows and blue skies.
He who promised IS faithful. 

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