What I’m Wearing ~ A few days of cooler weather


It’s been a while for a What I’m Wearing post, so here’s an update lately and as I’m looking through these few pics, definitey have added in the “hot” fall color of maroon, or wine, or whatever your fancy is to call this year’s “it color”. This is really by happenstance, not intention, though maroon is a good color for me to wear, so since it’s readily available this year, I’m snatched up a few things!

I posted this top on Instagram…sometimes you don’t make the bed, so the pillows block the full length, but this is a fun new Target score, perfect with jeans or work pants. It comes in 2 colors and since Target website is crazy to find things, I did locate this one: click here to see it for yourself. As a word of caution, it’s junior sizing, and I’m wearing a large. I realized I have 1 long sleeve top for work that is not a button-up, so was looking for a few things that I could add to my work wear and am happy with this addition. 
This is a tried and true dress and vest, perfect for an outdoor dinner party on the eve of the super moon! Just enough chill in the air for light flannel and faux-fur! Both pieces are a couple of years old, but classics that still work. 
This is an old navy dress, you might have seen it last year. I waited a whole year for it to come back because was sold out in my size, which is a Tall. Hooray for the repeats of Old Navy! I have already worn this dress about 3 or 4 times. Also, Auggie doesn’t care much about this pics, but prefers me to just play fetch. The maroon bag is a few years old as well, but good fall color addition for black and white. 
And, here’s proof this has been worn multiple times. Same boots and everything, just added tights for a cooler day. Worth every bit of $18 I paid for it.  Tip: never pay full price at Old Navy, Gap or Banana, it will always go go on sale. Click here for link to this dress. 
Last week was a dreary day, and I realized I matched the sky with various shades of gray and a little tiny bit of blush pink. Monochromatic is one of my long time favs of fashion, and mixing grays in winter is definitely a favorite. Scarf is an old one from Nordstrom (used to come in tons of colors and a buy 2, get a deal special), pants are years and years old Gap (like 2009 old), t is blush boyfriend T from old navy over summer. They have those same T’s now in long sleeves. 
Here is another Old Navy dress (click here) that looks like limited sizes are left in. Trick for ordering, a lot of their dresses run on the short side, so a Tall might give you the length you like. I’m 5’9″ and you can see this is still a few inches above my knee.  Ever since I saw this dress with the tights I was awaiting a day cool enough to wear tights. 🙂 Auggie would still like to play fetch vs. await a photo. 
These maroon leggings were a great find at Francesca’s on a Buy one Get one 1/2 Off Sale and on clearance rack! So, for $30, I got 2 pairs – this one and faux leather! #bargainlover  I picked up this tunic last year from a boutique and of course leopard is a neural, so added leopard heels to mix it up a little bit.
I didn’t get my full self, but this pic was heading out the door for a conference with my Mama. Hooray for flare jeans (that I’ve worn constantly even when not “in style”). This is another long sleeve top I picked up on a whim in Old Navy and have also worn for work with gray slacks. 
These two booties have been on heavy rotation, black ones are pictured with the black and white dress above. Both are Merona from Target and both are, seriously, all day comfortable. Click here for black booties and click here for cognac. 
Allegedly we are going to have a real cold front this weekend, so I’m eagerly awaiting more sweater weather. I’ve only worn a scarf + cardigan one time (pictured above) and that is NOT like me in the fall! It’s just been too warm! 
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