2017. Every day. (01.01.17)

I love taking pictures, the every day, the mundane, the big, the fun, the celebrating, even the hard. Images I want to remember.  So, this year, I’m documenting my everyday. A photo a day for my FB/IG and then writing the stories of each on my blog weekly.

So, welcome to 2017!

Church. Started the new year in my regular routine, at Bayou City Fellowship. 2017 is an exciting year for us, because before the year ends we will move into our new building!  No more unpacking and re-packing church every Sunday.  

The last day of the holiday break started with a major rain storm and the skies gave way to a beautiful sun-shining day! Auggie and I took a 3 mile walk in the middle of the day, perks of a holiday and I probably should have put some sunscreen on! A couple of days before, I jogged in a tank and shorts, you just never know about Texas weather! The holiday break this year can be summarized in one word: rest. It was so good. Coming off a fall that was full of lots of great things and before spring semester kicks off, I soaked in a few days on my couch, books, walks, meeting with friends and of course some Hallmark movies. 
Back to work. And right back in full swing. Also preparing for the next breakout session I’m doing at a conference in February. It was good to see my co-workers again, I have a new co-worker who’s finally taking my old position and I’m looking forward to being about to do some projects at work to grow our business partnership presence.
Wednesday I spoke to the Houston Heights Woman’s Club about Rodeo Houston. Opposite of most people, public speaking is one of my favorite things, especially when I get to talk about causes that are near and dear to me. Fun fact from this luncheon meeting, one of the attendees was a Red Coat Hostess in the 50’s at the “Houston Fat Stock Show” which met in the downtown Sam Houston Coliseum. She shared about the section she was assigned to assist with showing people where their seats were; the one right outside of the Corral Club, where entertainers loosened up hung out before they came out to perform and we all had a good laugh.  This club and the building they meet in are recognized with a historical marker in the Heights. 
My mama came to town and we went to see The Book of Mormon. Before you judge me for the content of this play, we had lots of good conversation about how people perceive both the Christian and Mormon church, but more than that how much the world needs Jesus. And, to be more accepting of people, not of sin, but of people. We are all sinners, none of us worthy of Jesus’ acceptance, and we are also not the judge. I’m thankful to have been raised in a Christian home, for confidence in my Biblical beliefs and for fun nights out with my Mom.
Mom spent the night and we went out for my very favorite treats: breakfast on Friday morning. Thankfully my job allows me a little flexibility and to take a couple of hours off for days like this. Snooze is new to Houston, and one of my very favorite places to eat, that I don’t get to very often. Word of warning, if you snooze, you wait in (a very long) line, so rise and shine. It’s worth it. Go home and take a nap after with a full belly of pancakes. 
(01.06.07 Bonus) 
I don’t have a ton of social media followers (and I’m ok with that) but every now and then a post hits the internet just right I guess and gets “a lot” of likes, (for my posts). I have looked and looked at sequin skirts and finally found one I thought would be a fit for me, and was so excited when it arrived on Friday. I opened it up and immediately tried it on to see how it fit and if it was long enough. Hooray!! It is! I posted it and tagged the boutique because I like to see pictures of real people wearing items I am considering as their descriptions/reviews are often helpful for info on fit. Several sweet people commented, but of course there was one rude comment about my figure. I deleted their comment, that’s the beauty (or curse) of not too many likes/comments, you see them all. It makes me sad to think of those who constantly bash others on the internet. There are so many good things and fun connections through social media and the internet. But, whether “famous” or just an everyday girl sharing a find, behind every post is a person, and words matter. This was a reminder to me as well, be kind. In real life and online. 

Remember Monday? In a tank top? Here it is Saturday and freezing. Literally. Freezing. I bundled up, put Auggie’s fleece sweater on and we took off for our morning walk. It think the “feels like” temp was hovering in the high 20’s. We went for 3 miles, the first half really wasn’t bad at all, until we turned back north and the wind blew in my face the whole. way. home! BRRRRR. Have no fear though, the 70’s will be back by end of week. #texasweatheriscray

(01.07.17 Outtake)
I had no idea my new iPhone has a feature called “burst” when using the timer, hilarious because it caught this pic of Auggie in mid-air!
(01.07.17 Bonus)
It was almost just like a NYC day. A freezing walk in the city followed by lunch at Shake Shack.

See ya next week!

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