2017. Every day. (01.08.17)

I love taking pictures, the every day, the mundane, the big, the fun, the celebrating, even the hard. Images I want to remember.  So, this year, I’m documenting my everyday. A photo a day for my FB/IG and then writing the stories of each on my blog weekly. 
A couple of Sundays each month I volunteer in our church nursery with the babies. The tiny babies who aren’t yet crawling. My aunt gave me reindeer socks as part of my Christmas and since we wear socks to be on the mats with babies, I thought they were perfect for nursery duty! And, that little baby in his tiny socks, so sweet!! 
Monday night I celebrated two birthdays of friends who I consider “Framily”. I go to church with them, eat lunch after church with them, have stayed with them when I was commuting, work and stay with them at Antiques Week and more; they always include me in family birthdays too!  This girl and her grandfather share a birthday and I always think that’s special because my Mom and I share our birthday! Yummy dinner, cobbler and ice cream, lots of good catching up after the holidays and tons of kids, Monday night was sweet! 
{01.09.17 Bonus}
The birthday girl is one of my favorite friends to sit by in church, along with her Mama, she is kind and caring to those in her circle. She’s a member of 3rd Grade Book Club and invites me to all of her events.  She, and her family, are one of the best gifts to my life through my church. I gifted her colored pencils that you can use a watercolor brush with to turn the design into a watercolor picture. She loves crafts and immediately went to work on practicing. And, now I’m thinking I might need my own set of these too! 🙂 
The last free Tuesday night before school starts and another family invited me over for girls only dinner while their Daddy/Husband was at a dinner. This family is another one who is a gift from my church. Kelli prays for me, seeks me out with hard questions and  regularly speaks encouraging words to me. After yummy dinner, brownies and bedtime prep we had a living room dance party to Shake it Off with Taylor Swift, I read their bedtime story and then their Mama and I had some good catching up time to visit.  
This day has been on my calendar for a few months now. The first informational meting of Polished Houston, a new ministry expanding to Houston and I am humbled to have been named the Local Director. We had 50 girls (!!!) attend, who are interested in being a part of leadership for Polished. I am so excited about the weeks and months ahead as we prepare to launch. Polished exists to gather young professional women to navigate careers & explore faith together. To stay up to date you can follow @polishedhouston on Instagram!
{01.11.17 Bonus}
From my Instagram….
Today is a big day for me. Starting with hosting a meeting for work and ending with hosting a launch dinner for an organization I’m so excited to be a part of.
As I was driving this morning, one of my favorite songs came on the radio….Hillsong’s “What A Beautiful Name”…I had to turn it up loud and sing along, the beautiful, powerful, wonderful name of God is fully on display to me today. So many answered prayers reflected just today.
Also while driving this morning the sun was rising so vividly. When I crossed the Port of Houston traffic came to a stop and I snapped the sunrise. I want to remember this day. For though there are answered prayers reflected today there have been so many others that weren’t and things that were hard along the way for today to be what it is.
Maybe today is a big day for you, or maybe another one of the hard days. Stay faithful, His mercies are new every morning and his love is steadfast.
If you aren’t from here, then you don’t know Whataburger and you should get here as fast as you can. But, if you are, then you can appreciate a dine-in, sit down dinner at Whataburger. I realized I should have just taken pics of my dinner every night this week as this week was definitely out of my normal since I typically eat at home 5 out of 7 nights a week at least. Sometimes in the midst of a very full week my introvert self needs 1:1 time and this was a good break in the midst of this week. Also, it was the perfect batch of fries. #Amen
If you know me well, you know jeans are my love language. Long live the days of jeans Fridays when I was teaching, working in software and every day jeans days when I worked on the road. I also love a good cause and when we could donate toys in December to Toys For Tots drive in exchange for 2 jeans days in January I was IN! Sadly, this was the 2nd Friday. The rest of the outfit coming soon in a what I wore post! 
{01.13.17 Bonus}
TGIF.  Auggie was so funny Friday morning, this was about 5:45 am, and how he looks is pretty much is how I felt.  Thankful for a weekend ahead with some down time. Also, because Auggie needs to make the weekly blog. 🙂 
I pretty much live in my tennis shoes after work, usually I take Auggie out for a walk when I get home and I typically leave them on since I’m back and forth out with him a few more times. I walk at least 20 miles most weeks with Auggie on the Bayou Trails, so good shoes are necessary. My old ones were worn out and I finally found a replacement pair. I snapped this as we were getting ready to walk out the door and Auggie was not too happy to have to wait another second. The daily walk is his favorite part of the day!! 
See ya next week!

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