Lettering Lately

Safe to say starting back to school on my MBA took priority in the fall semester, but I did do some lettering. Here’s a few of the signs I did this fall, and I am still taking orders, just a limited number per month. As always, for more information on lettering, click here: {Lettering}.

I painted these classroom rules for a teacher friend who was moving into a brand new school and decorating a new classroom.  These rules certainly go beyond the classroom, hopefully they are ones we all abide by daily too! 
One of my college besties is a teacher, and I painted a name sign for her room. I love seeing where a canvas/sign ends up, and this is such a fun book display in her classroom!
I’ve painted this sign before, but had another order from a co-worker for Christmas. All of my signs are free-hand, so fun to see two of the same and how they turn out differently.

A friend messaged me she was re-doing her daughter’s room and wanted to have a canvas for her walls. I love to know where words will end up and can’t help but think when I am painting about the eyes who will see this every day and my hope for her is she will always believe she can!
One of my besties re-did a guest bathroom in a very modern meets fixer-upper theme with white subway tile and dark navy paint. I painted this canvas to go on the navy wall and used the paint she used for her walls so it would match.
This is one of my favorite Christmas decoration signs, which was an order for a family this year. #istillbelieve
How cute is little Hazel Kate? Her mama was celebrating her birthday and bought the flamingo canvas as part of her party decor, and I lettered her name. This canvas is a party keepsake she will have in her room. Side note: I get nervous when painting that I will misspell something, and as I was sitting at their table lettering + talking I asked her Mom how to spell Hazel at least 5 times. ha! 

Let me know if you’re looking for lettered art for your walls, as party decorations or anything in between!  I love words and painting them for your life.

Featuring my trusty assistant, Auggie.

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