one for The One

This week Facebook popped up a friendaversary memory with one of my besties. She couldn’t see it, so I shared it on my timeline. I love the “on this day” feature of Facebook, it reminds me of some of the greatest memories and also the hard ones, but ones I love to look back on and see how life has worked out since that time. Also, because things I think were certainly “just a couple of years ago” were actually SEVERAL years ago.

My sweet friend left a comment on that Friendaversary Facebook post.

One that speaks what I long to be the purpose of my life. 
Despite the days when it is not easy. 
When I’m made fun of for it. 
When I’m left out because of it. 
When friends ditch me over it. 
When I’m ridiculed for it.
When I say no because of it. 
When I’m misunderstood for it. 
What is it? 
My faith. 
Believing in and following Jesus. 
It is the single thing that sustains my life. 
I can’t imagine my life without Jesus.  
Sure, I’ve made PLENTY of mistakes. 
Said things I shouldn’t have. 
Done things I wish I hadn’t. 
Not apologized soon enough. 
Not forgiven fully. 
But for one to say that their life has been pointed to the One. 
That is enough.
His grace is greater than my mistakes. 
And, for that I will keep saying no, keep enduring, keep pressing on. 
Because the One is worth it.
For one more to see it.

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