What I Wore – for the love of FLARES!

If you’ve read any post I’ve written about what I wear, you know flares are essentially the love language of pants in my closet. Flare work pants. Flare jeans. Give them to me. In style or out of style. They are what fit me and several of these pants and jeans I have had for YEARS!  
Work day. This jacket and the pants are circa 2008 or 2009. Both are Gap.  Speaking of Gap, did you see there is a 90’s return to Gap. I wish they would return the pants of 2007-2009 to their stores. We could do without another round of pleated knee length shorts. 
I don’t know how you travel, but if at all possible, I travel in leggings and no make-up/hair not fixed or in a ponytail or top-knot when it’s longer. #growingmyhairbackout  So, here’s an arrival to hotel and a departure to dinner. Same jacket and shirt from above just a few nights later from the work day. These flares are a random Old Navy in store clearance find for $12 in my size AND long length, which was pretty much the equivalent of finding a unicorn. 
Another workday. Mixed up flannel and leopard with navy pants.  I love navy and leopard together. Even though there is black in leopard print, it looks so great with navy. This was simple classics + basics. Top is from Francesca’s, I’m not sure how far reaching that Boutique is now, I can remember shopping it way back and now it seems like they are in every town and of course everything is online. I have to try everything on there though because some things are cut really small (think Jr sizing) and some aren’t. Depends on the brand.  These flare pants are from Banana Republic, I got them mid-fall last year. 
Another day in hotels, and out to an evening event. This top is from La Paloma style and I picked it up when I was in Vegas and shopped at NFR Cowboy Christmas. It is my first venture into the “cold shoulder” trend and likely my only piece I will own. I don’t buy into trends like that too much, but this one was fun and I loved the floral print. Hard to see but I have that same leopard belt on with the floral as above with plaid. These jeans are likely my favorite pair of jeans ever, and they are from the Gap collection of somewhere from 2007-2009ish.
Sunday I wasn’t feeling a dress for church, so ended up in jeans and a fun top. This was perfect for the current 80 degree weather we are having because it’s sheer. Also, I changed to nude heels before I left, but after I snapped the pic. Top is from Target in the fall, I’ve linked it before and jeans are Seven for All Mankind from a previous round of flare fashion, also 2007-2009ish. 
So, if history repeats itself, and flares are in right now in 2017, they should be back again in 2027 and somewhere in that time period I will be “out of style” because I will still be wearing my flares! 
Know what works for your fit and despite what the magazines and trends say, go for it and you’ll feel your best too!! When you like what you’re wearing, your natural confidence shows!
Thank you for reading, and would love for you to stay in touch!
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