What I Wore 03.29.17

It’s been a while since I’ve done the weekly “What I Wore” posts, and I’ve been asked about them, so thought I would blog outfits this month, and this post rounds out the month!
Work + Errands + Dinner 
Top is from Marshall’s last summer, cardigan is last season Old Navy and pants are Gap, this is pretty typical work outfit for me. I met my Mom this day for lunch, and she took Auggie home for a couple of days while I was going to be out of town. I went straight after work to run a few errands and meet girls from Polished for dinner.  I changed in my car to this white tank from Target, Arden B jeans (do you see a habit here) and Keds slip ons. I took a cardigan because sure enough the restaurant was cold. Also, I took off my jewelry (which was the same as day) before I took pics when I got home. Ooops.  
Work + Texas Antiques Week
Top is Gap (Tall sizing) from years gone by and pants are new from Banana Republic (I really love this fit – see them here. Also, 1) Flares – are you surprised and 2) NEVER buy full price at Banana, Gap or Old Navy, they ALWAYS have a sale of at least 40% off).  Headed straight from work out to Warrenton for Antiques Week and worked in the Zapp Hall Cafe sporting my new Cheers to 30 Years Zapp shirt, jeans from Marshall’s and cowboy boots, flannel night time is from Stash, a vendor at Antiques Week.  
Texas Antiques Week
Well, here’s the end of 31 days of What I Wore…was out at Antiques Week, so borrrowed a mirror from a vendor. Zapp Hall T, jeans from Target, Asics, and flannel from La Vida Loca. 
Thank you for reading, and would love for you to stay in touch!

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