Commit 30: March

In case you missed it in January, I’m taking 2017 in 30 day increments (well, sometimes 30, or 31 or 28) and committing to something for 30 days.  
March….Photo every day of what I wore.
A couple of years ago I blogged my outfits weekly, and I’ve had some friends ask me about what I’ve been wearing and what happened to  those blogs. So, I thought March would be a good month to take pics and blog what I wore.

Of course with Rodeo, I got a little behind on the blog…but, they are all posted now, and linked in this post too!

Number one…I wear a lot of leggings.

Click here for March 1st – 7th

Number 2….I repeat those leggings.

Click here for March 8th – 14th

Number 3…basics will always be a favorite for me. 

Click here for March 15th – 21st 

Number 4…sometimes no makeup, sometimes clown makeup. 

Click here for March 22nd – 28th

Number 5…only once did I forget to take an outfit pic.  #grace

Click here for March 29th – 31st

Since I took a pic every day…know what else I did?? 
Made my bed. Every. Day. 
I always “straighten” my bed in the morning, even though I don’t move much or mess up the sheets, but don’t always make my bed. But, I did this month, because otherwise my pillows block my mirror. 
And, during Spring Break I switched my bedding from my winter/Christmas buffalo check bedding back to my regular bedding. Perfect light and bright update to my room for Spring!
So, that was my Commit for March
Photo every day of what I wore.
Now for April.  
Stay tuned for the end of month reveal. 
What would you commit to for 30 days?  
I have several things I have thought of, but would love to hear some other ideas. 
Spoiler Alert: October will be #write31days. 
Yes, I’m already thinking about a topic. 
It’s good discipline in all aspects of life.
January…30 days of No Shopping: click (here) to read!
February…30 days of SELF: click (here) to read!

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