2017. Every day. (04.09.17)

 I love taking pictures, the every day, the mundane, the big, the fun, the celebrating, even the hard. Images I want to remember.  So, this year, I’m documenting my everyday. A photo a day for my FB/IG and then writing the stories of each on my blog weekly. 
So, welcome to (April) 2017!

I’ve been trying to work on a paper for my class, but am frustrated with our assignments and what our Professor is looking for, so a break to write something I enjoy…

We had our Leadership Training for Polished Houston launch! Hooray!! Our first luncheon is just a few weeks away. I’m so grateful for these girls who have stepped up and said “yes”, all of them have tons of other things to do and are sought after, but have a strong desire for this ministry.  Kat who is our Executive Director is such a devoted leader, it has been so fun to work with her and I’m so excited about our launch!

{04.09.17 – Bonus}
If you’re a young professional woman in Houston and would like to attend our networking lunch, I would love for you to sign up: www.polishedonline.org/houston-luncheon.  We gather young women to navigate careers and faith.  Join us!

I attended a press conference on Monday morning, for the Mayor of Houston’s summer employment initiative; Hire Houston Youth.  Thankfully the rain held off and it was a great event.  McDonald’s is a large contributor to this initiative, so they were a great host and also gave out free drinks to us! #iloveMcDsDrPepper

Class day, so reading and a study snack of Peach Cobbler + BlueBell with a little afternoon coffee.
#treatyoself 🙂

I walked on Monday with my bestie Katherine and thought I should have taken a pic of us that day and her baby bump.  But, didn’t….she was due in a few weeks. But, Wednesday afternoon I got a text she was headed into delivery and the babies would be here soon! Though born early, they are healthy and doing well in NICU for a bit. I went to the hospital that evening, got to see my sweet friend and her new little babes. We’ve walked and talked infertility, miscarriage and pregnancy for a long time, so this day was redeeming in the best of ways for her and her husband!

{04.12.17 – Bonus}
I didn’t want to share a picture until they shared photos, so here’s the pic from Wednesday night just a couple of hours after babies were born. She’s a beautiful mommy and can’t wait until we can push those twins in the strollers on walks! Times like these are hard to walk alongside besties, but we know God hears our prayers and he is sovereign. I’m thankful for their faith through this journey to a family of 4!

On my walks with Auggie I’ve been noticing these sunflowers, a section of them that have recently grown up amongst wildflowers and they have really been showing off lately. I finally took my phone on a walk to snap a picture. As I walked by them this week, the song “Look to the Son” by Hillsong has been coming to mind. We sang it recently in church and I kept thinking of it this week, how so many things are going on around us, but no matter what, keep our eyes on the Son.  These sunflowers, they look to the sun, amidst the busyness of the trail, their backs were turned and facing to the sun.  Such a good reminder, when I can get so distracted by all the goings-on.

Beyond the skies above

Love reaching out for us
The Everlasting One
Jesus our God
Oh we look to the Son
Set our eyes on our Savior
See the image of love
Sing His praises forever! 
{04.13.17 – Bonus}
Of course I had to snap Auggie out on our walk that day too!
I headed home for Easter weekend and my nephew + nieces were there as well. We spent majority of Friday outside, in the new trails on our land, riding horses, sitting on the porch, and enjoying the sunshine! 
Jumping pics are a favorite, so we took a few on Saturday!  My nieces are twins and are always double the fun!
{04.15.17 – Bonus}
The littles rode horses Friday and twice on Saturday. They were so confident and we were so proud of them!  I’ve written a few times about riding, and with my nephew, so this was certainly a moment to capture.  Click here for the story from few years ago.
Saturday can’t pass by without acknowledgment of the significance of this day…the day between Jesus’ death on the cross for my sins and yours and the resurrection on Sunday.  Without my faith, I am not sure how I would navigate this life on a daily basis.  My relationship with Jesus is the most important in my life, and if you’re searching for hope in this world, I would love to share more with you about Jesus. 

Thank you for reading, and would love for you to stay in touch!
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