2017. Every day. (04.23.17)

 I love taking pictures, the every day, the mundane, the big, the fun, the celebrating, even the hard. Images I want to remember.  So, this year, I’m documenting my everyday. A photo a day for my FB/IG and then writing the stories of each on my blog weekly. 
So, welcome to (April) 2017!

This week is all about Auggie!
Tuesday, May 2nd is 10th months since his “Gotcha Day”.
You can read the best story of getting Auggie by {clicking here}.

Barney was never a consistent eater. He’d often leave his food for a while, some days only eat half, some days all of it, and he was treated to a treat in his bowl when he finished his supper. He would also paw the bowl to let me know of his accomplishment. Auggie is everything opposite of that.  He starts dancing around, gets antsy and runs right to his bowl when I ask him “are you ready for some supper?”  Even though his bowl says “Savor”, he does not savor his supper at all.  It is gone in about 90 seconds, followed by cleaning his face usually on the couch and a delightful burp of approval on most days.  #boys

When I’m working at my computer, which is often lately with this semester of class, he usually lays on the floor beside me, or on the couch where he can see me, or under the table if I’ve changed locations.  He brings his toys over for fetch and sometimes, has had enough and barges right in for some attention.  He’s a cute little study break. I always try to walk him before I have to sit down and work on the computer, which makes him more content.

Most every Monday morning I find him in this position while I’m getting ready for work. I think he knows the weekend is over, and isn’t quite ready to be up and about at the early weekday hour!

Auggie LOVES toys. Barney liked toys, and a few in particular, but Auggie has a mental inventory and he goes in search of a specific toy often. This ball is a favorite and he digs it out from the bottom of the toy box on the regular. Also, it regularly looks like a toddler lives here when he’s been playing a lot and I haven’t picked up the toys.

Every day when I put these shoes on, Auggie knows it is go time. He doesn’t have much patience for a picture, but he did oblige this day. He loves his walk. And, we go just about every day, unless it’s raining.  Most days are about 2 miles and a couple of days a week we go for 3 miles. He’s just about mastered not to bark/whine/screech at other dogs or cut across me to try and get near them.  I think he just gets so excited to see dogs, but that’s not good trail etiquette, so we’ve worked lots on “walk” and “no bark”  trail manners.

Since the first week I brought Auggie home when I get in the shower he comes and looks in. I guess he wonders if there’s a secret door behind that curtain in the tile wall.  Sometimes I think “maybe he will stop doing that”, but so far, 10 months in and he’s still checking.

(In case you’re wondering, I don’t shower with my phone and took this after the water was off.)

We have had a few unseasonably cool days and Thursday was one of those days this week! It was absolutely beautiful out, what felt like 0% humidity and the brightest blue sky.  We walked for 3 miles after work and I ate dinner on the patio while Auggie sniffed around.  His favorite is outside.

Another favorite?  This bone. It’s pretty much like his paci. He was gnawing on it right by me as I was working on my computer for at least 20 minutes. My Mom found that bone for her dogs, but they didn’t like it, so we got the hand-me-down.  I’m not sure where I will find another one to replace it when it’s all chewed up.

On a very rare occasion Auggie crashes for a nap when he’s out of his crate. This was after 3 mile walk, being out on the patio, lots of fetch, and chewing on that bone. He finally gave it up and took a little cat nap with a few toys nearby.

After I get on my tennis shoes Auggie heads for the door and does a few laps awaiting his walk. I tell him every day “you have to get your shirt on”, which is this harness, and then we can go walk. He stands up on his back legs like this every time for me to put it on his front legs. #routines #creaturesohabit

This is Auggie’s favorite place, watching out the window. He watches birds, bikers, runners, walkers and dogs. He doesn’t often bark, but every now and then something sets him off and he has to exercise his authority and bark through the window at something. Other things he barks at: when I turn off the ceiling fan – not sure what he thinks it will do and sometimes a random shopping bag on the counter. Other than that, he doesn’t bark too much.

We’ve got a pretty specific routine and he knows last step to me leaving the house is typically putting on my jewelry.  Often in the mornings before work when I walk out of my room from putting on my jewelry and turn off the light, he heads for his house. He never minds getting in his house, he sleeps in there at night, and it is definitely his safe place. He’s still not real comfortable if I walk out the door to get the mail or take out trash while he’s out of his crate, but never barks or whines when I leave for work and he’s in his house.  Crate trained dogs know that is their little haven, and it is definitely his.

He also gets a little Cheerios treat in the morning when I leave. 🙂
That little puppy was his first toy, I took it with us when I picked him up and it stays in his house with him during the day and at night. He gets puppy out to play, and squeaks him, but never squeaks him in the night. He’s often in a different spot in the morning from when I put Auggie to bed, so I know he moves it, but I guess he knows it’s night time because I never hear it squeak at night.

He also has a night time routine when I say “time to go night night” he flips over to his back for a little belly rub before bedtime. He does all of these same things when staying with my Mom and Dad too.

Of all the toys, Meme gave him his absolute favorite for Christmas, Santa-saurus. He knows this toy is called “Santa” and can find him and bring him to you most any time of day if he wants to play! He’s got wings, a tail and a Santa hat that are all well loved and chewed. If ever you talk to me on the phone and hear a toy squeaking in the background, it is likely Santa-saurus.

10 months have sure flown by and I’m grateful for this little “dood”.
I told my parents recently, I’m not sure how I got so blessed with two dogs that have super great demeanor and a personality that’s almost like a human, but I sure am thankful that I did! I can remember my Papa always telling me how much company their dog Sassy gave him after my Grandma died. And, it’s the same for me; when you live by yourself a dog sure does give a lot of company. Plus makes you get out on days you’d rather not,  invades your personal space when you’d rather be left alone and keeps you active too!

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Thank you for reading, and would love for you to stay in touch!
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  1. Laurie S on May 2, 2017 at 6:26 pm

    Happy 10 month-iversary to you and Auggie! I can't believe it's been "that long" but I remember your posts (and wept) when Barney passed and when you adopted Auggie. So happy for you and your "dood"! The Lord has put you together because He knew you would love each other to pieces! I have a new girl – about 2.5 months together – and we're still learning about each other, slowly. Building the journey… Congrats again on your life w/Auggie!

  2. angie on May 2, 2017 at 6:27 pm

    Laurie – that is so exciting that you got a new dog!!! I hope you're having so much fun getting to know her and I bet she's loving being in your family!! Be sure and let me know if you set her up an Instagram so Auggie can follow her! 🙂

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