Commit 30: April

In case you missed it in January, I’m taking 2017 in 30 day increments (well, sometimes 30, or 31 or 28) and committing to something for 30 days.  
April…30 cards in 30 days. 
If you know me, you know snail mail is one of my favorite treats to receive, but I also love to send notes to friends & family too!
So, in April, I decided to send 30 notes in 30 days.
Keeping it real, I wrote a note MOST days, but some days I wrote a couple to catch up.
I made a list at the beginning of the month to keep up with who I was sending to, accounted for a few special days – birthdays and dates to remember and mailed those cards to arrive on time for their day. 
I also lettered all the envelopes with everyone’s first name, a treat for snail mail!

Most days I had a note by my purse at night, ready to go out in the morning. 
(And, sometimes I have cereal for a night time snack)
I drove by the Post Office and went inside to drop notes in the mail for early sorting, as first pick up was 7:30 for inside box.  I love having a Post Office so close to my house. 
True confessions: one day I drove through the drop off at lunch, and dropped in two notes with NO STAMPS.  I went inside and the nice guy came out and opened up the box, found my notes, let me put stamps on them and sent them on their way. I should have asked him for a picture. 🙂 
I loved hearing from friends who received a note, on a day that they really needed a little encouragement and I received a few pictures back too. 
And, I even got some snail mail of my own in my mailbox this month! 
Next time you think “I should send a note to them“, do it.
Someone will open their mailbox and that little note will likely make their day!
After I decided on this commitment for April, I realized April was 
So, I think this is one I will continue in the future during the month of April. 
So, that was my Commit for April
30 notes in 30 days.
Now for May.  
Stay tuned for the end of month reveal. 
What would you commit to for 30 days?  
I have several things I have thought of, but would love to hear some other ideas. 
Spoiler Alert: October will be #write31days. 
Yes, I’m already thinking about a topic. 
It’s good discipline in all aspects of life.
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  1. Laurie S on May 2, 2017 at 2:49 pm

    Angie – what a great idea! I, too, love to write send cards/notes via snail mail to my friends and family. I know I'd love to get something personal, cheery in the USPS. I usually have a card or 2 in my work bag, for "just in case" but haven't acted on that in a LONG time. Time to fix that!

    Cute anecdote about the missing stamps… 🙂

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