What I Wore: Texas Spring

Since I took a picture of what I wore every day in March (click here), including multiple outfits some days, I haven’t taken too many pics lately.  But, here’s an update on what I’ve worn this Spring. 
It is no secret that I love floral and stripes. We have had some unseasonably cooler days and I’ve still been wearing sweaters in April and even these first few days of May. This stripe button up is sleeveless from Banana Republic and a classic that I reach for over and over again. It also ends up in the laundry basket sometimes awaiting the iron and I think “I want to wear that, but it’s not ironed“, so it sits in waiting. These pants are from Target and the 3/4 sleeve navy cardigan is as well. Both pieces are I think from Spring-ish 2016.
After all day Saturday at my big work expo where we were soaked in humidity & heat early in the morning a cool front blew in late afternoon and I got to wear a flannel out for dinner. #TypicalTexas I love these vintage/bleached flannels, but they are something I always have to try on, due to fit. I happened to find this solo flannel in La Vida Loca’s booth during Rodeo Houston and it was a perfect fit for me. I love the color combo. I actually added a sweater for dinner out on a patio with one of my besties. Flares are from Old Navy and mules are Dolce Vida from Target. 
I picked this dress/tunic up during Texas Antiques week in the fields of Zapp Hall. I can’t find the vendor on Instagram or Facebook. I put it on to wear to church and was super indecisive (obviously) about what to wear with it because I felt it was a little short for church. When in doubt, add some jeans and call it a day. The sleeves are super belled, hard to tell the detail, but again, loved the mixed print and color pattern. I will definitely get wear out of this over the summer! Also, I’m on the hunt for new white jeans. These don’t fit me very well, and I’ve already tried on several pairs with no luck due to fit, too thin, too tight, too….blah blah blah….
Our Rockets are in the playoffs again and we got to have JEANS DAY in support of the Rockets. And all the employees said Amen.  At least the jeans loving employees. Or maybe just me. Either way you look at it I was super happy to toss on my Rocket’s shirt and favorite Gap jeans for work. I love Ts, bold belts and jeans. Glasses are Warby Parker and yes, that’s another cardigan.
I haven’t really shopped much at all this year. The 2 tops mentioned above are about the only things I’ve bought. I did find a couple of cute new tops at Target lately.  This is one, you might have seen it on my Instagram, and can find it online (click here). I have already worn it with jeans and this day wore it with pink blush cropped pants from Old Navy. I am sure this will repeat throughout the summer for work with other pants and not work with jeans or shorts. Maybe even white jeans if I can find some that fit! 

Of course my summer uniform of Nike Tempo Shorts are back for walks with Auggie everyday. I have all sorts of color patterns that get mixed and matched with tanks, t’s and half-zips on cooler days. Have you seen the bold floral mixes of purple and red this spring? I like it! I have a pair of red work pants and I’m keeping my eye out for the right floral to go with those pants and a few other things too.  The Red Hat Ladies know their trends with the purple and red mix!

In case you weren’t convinced I love mixed patterns and especially stripes + floral, even my pj’s are mix & match. 🙂 
Thank you for reading, and would love for you to stay in touch!

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