Auggie is TWO!

Time flies! It seems like we just celebrated Auggie’s first birthday, and now he’s TWO!

His day started out a little different, since we were evacuated, but by Monday afternoon we were back home and the celebration could continue!

Auggie has learned how to open presents! It didn’t take hime long and he dug right in for new toys!

Official two-year old picture, with the birthday cake toy that is for special days!

What is a birthday without a good nap?  This was Monday mid-morning when I came home to check on my place and determine if I needed to stay another night at my friend’s house or if we could come home. Auggie was so happy to see his couch!

New toys and lots of fetch for the afternoon and evening!

And a few more naps in between!

No birthday should only last a day, so he got to continue birthday week at the 4G with a new prize from Meme and Papa.  More fetch.

I don’t know that weighing in is much fun on your birthday, but the littles were weighing at Mom and Dad’s so we weighed Auggie too! He’s holding steady at 18lbs. When I got him July 2016 he was only 15 lbs, so he’s gained weight this year and seems to be the perfect size according to his vet check up in July!  And, eventually he showed off on the scales.

As for being two….

He’s learning to heel much better on our walks, although a walk is still his very favorite and he is so excited when we first go out. But, seems to settle in more quickly now. Rain or shine, he wants to go for a walk!

He still LOVES when people come over and doesn’t mind your personal space, he wants to be near you while you’re here. #welcomingcommittee

He doesn’t check the shower any more.  He’s learned I’m not sneaking away through a trap door behind the shower curtain. He did this every day until one day he didn’t. I’m not exactly sure when the last time was.

He has learned to catch, and loves to play! He’s more consistent with sit, stay, come which we practice often. He’s still got to be on a leash outside though, and can’t run free at the 4G yet…maybe by 3!

His new favorite treat is a piece of ice, which started at the 4G. He then figured out my house has one of those boxes too and sits to wait for a treat of an ice cube when I’m getting ice.

He still loves his toys, has broken a few more squeakers, has a nighttime routine down, waits for a treat in his crate when I’m leaving for work and loves a good nap on the couch.

He has an Instagram, and you can follow him @theauggiedog

Happy 2nd Birthday Auggie dog!  Mama sure is happy to have you!



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