2017 Every day. (08.20.17)

I love taking pictures, the every day, the mundane, the big, the fun, the celebrating, even the hard. Images I want to remember.  So, this year, I’m documenting my everyday. A photo a day for my FB/IG and then writing the stories of each on my blog weekly.

All weekend long my social media feeds were full of friends setting up dorm rooms for their littles who somehow in the blink of an eye are freshman in college!  I only washed my sheets and made my bed and was thankful I wasn’t moving in August heat!  Most of the info on this bedding is all here. I’ve added a pillow from Target Dollar spot and have new similar sheets.
Also, because these are the days I will look back on, my parents lost one of their dogs on Sunday the 20th, Ace didn’t come home after being let out Sunday morning and was found Monday afternoon in the pasture next door. We are so sad he’s gone, he was half to the greatest duo the 4G might have ever had.  RIP Ace, find Barney and give him some extra licks….
Monday I wrapped up birthday celebrating with two of my besties at one of my favorite Restaurant Week locations, Federal Grill.  These girls and I have years of friendship and I’m grateful for them being in my life!
Also Monday, the eclipse! Must acknowledge that historic date! We had a full viewing experience at work with welding helmet, box viewer and a random piece of way thick tinting and a good time was had by all!
Tuesday night I lettered name tags for our Polished luncheon on Thursday. Most of these names I don’t know, so it’s always fun to meet them at our luncheon.  If you’re a young professional woman in the Houston area, I’d love for you to join us at a networking lunch, click here!
Wednesday night I started back to school for my second, and final, year of my MBA! This year is different in that I’m taking two classes at once, so a little apprehensive about juggling the coursework and all the other things, but one day at a time, and all will get done. My semesters are 8 weeks, so they go quick and anyone can do anything for 8 weeks!
This was a bit of a long day as we hosted our District Training and I did 5 different presentations, came home, went for a super quick walk with Auggie and out for 4 hours of class!
Thursday was our Polished luncheon, AshLee Frazier was our guest speaker.  I have loved getting to know AsheLee and grateful she shared her story with us at our luncheon. You might recognize AshLee from The Bachelor, and was super fun that my bestie who I’ve watched Bachelor seasons with for years and years, before DVR even was available and we had to be quiet during the show to not miss anything! Lately we haven’t been watching, but  the show has taken a bit of a turn for the overly dramatic and I don’t enjoy it as much, but I’m a sucker for the finale and proposal.  🙂
I’m not a SnapChat user, but Polished Houston is on SC and here’s a quick “snap” (??) before we started the luncheon.
Thursday night I went to the Astros game with a dear friend from Church, 11 innings and we lost it, but were definitely winning with these seats, thank you Lisa!, and even got a game ball tossed to me!
The day Houston panicked for water, with Hurricane Harvey on the line headed to Texas and an unknown path after landfall.  Thankfully, I found some water at a grocery in my neighborhood. I had plenty of food, so only bought water for survival.
The flowers from the table Monday night were so pretty in my house all week and also smelled amazing!
Now, this date is etched as “Before Harvey” because Sunday Houston woke up to a flood, but Saturday was an overcast day, not really any rain by me, we went for a walk and watched the weather to see what might happen in the upcoming days. The water level was moderate at this point in the Bayou, but quickly rose when rain started around 8:30pm.

Thank you for reading, and would love for you to stay in touch!

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