2017 Every day. (09.10.17)

I love taking pictures, the every day, the mundane, the big, the fun, the celebrating, even the hard. Images I want to remember.  So, this year, I’m documenting my everyday. A photo a day for my FB/IG and then writing the stories of each on my blog weekly.



Sunday I was invited to the Texans game to attend with a sweet friend and her daughters.  We had a great  time at the game, even though the Texans weren’t showing off their best football skills as a team. I love going to games, being in the crowd, the loud loud cheers on defense, celebrating points on the board, which was a huge celebration for the one touchdown.  What I don’t love about sports is people who’s sportsmanship needs improvement.  Like the collective “boo” when the QB came on the field before half-time…it’s not only his fault, he has a team that should be helping him who clearly weren’t. I get it that people get “into the game”, but I read every now and then player’s thoughts from the field and how people treat them. It’s unfortunate fans think they have the right to demoralize a player, and that  goes from the neighborhood little league field to any professional field there is.  In this case, they get paid millions, and that whole team should have been better engaged in the game.  However, who knows what was on their individual minds as distraction from the week  we just went through. Still love the Texans! Still a fan!

Also, a fan of Cheeto Popcorn. Have you had it?  You should.


Remember the cooler days I mentioned, I herby go on the record that Sept 11th was the first day for a scarf and cardigan! 🙂  Truth is I wear a cardigan everyday at work because my office is cold.

I can’t write about this day without acknowledging September 11, 2001.

A day that changed America forever.

I will never forget.


Saturday at a study session my dear little USB decided to act up and not stay connected to the computer nor allow me to access my files. Tuesday night I sat down to work on homework and still had the same issue. For TWO. HOURS. I stared at that red light willing it to work, and praying. I was trying to work on other things while waiting, and at one point told a couple of friends that I really needed that USB to connect and please pray that it would. They did. Within 5 MINUTES it worked. I was finally was able to save all of my files from the USB drive to my computer.  And, then at 10pm I started writing my paper.  Argh!!! Should have asked them sooner!!

It’s no secret Auggie loves toys. Barney never really played with his basket of toys like Auggie does, but this little horsey was his favorite.  Auggie gets it out of the toy box for a turn every now and then and I caught him with it and smiling this day. 🙂  #sweetBarneydog


Mixed metals is one of my favorite things, and I got this new necklace from a sweet bestie for my birthday, well actually both of these necklaces were from two besties for my birthday. I love pairing gray + gold and layers.  One of those bracelets says “have courage” and lately, I’ve felt a little overwhelmed with all the things, but I remind myself with words like this, have courage, one day at a time, and all the things will get done.  Like catching up the blog that’s several weeks behind. 🙂

I went out to a campus for a meeting, one I hadn’t been to before, who has an aviation program. How amazing is this to have in your high school?!  A plane to work on the engine and simulators to learn how to fly!!  CTE offers so many opportunities to students!


I’ve never received flowers from a boy, guy, man, whatever you want to say.  I love fresh flowers, have written about them often as I keep them in my home, and a few times I’ve been surprised by a delivery from dear friends and this one was no exception. So thoughtful from a family that means so much to me, a treat in the midst of choas and they have brightened my days!


We volunteered at work to stuff backpacks for a couple of hours and together with my friend we stuffed 39 backpacks full of supplies and hygiene items for students returning to schools. Many of them lost everything in the flooding and thank you to so many kind donations, they will have a new backpack to start the year.  We laughed as we were picking out backpacks to stuff, looking for cute patterns, and admiring all of them. (Both my work friend and I share a love of good bags). I couldn’t help but think while stuffing them, who’s hands they would end up in. I hope the student who gets this backpack with the fringe has a little boost of confidence with this one strapped on their back!

We stuffed them 4 at a time! Teamwork!

Just a portion of the thousands that were stuffed!!


If you know me, you know breakfast is my favorite.  Pancakes with a side of spreadsheets, not my favorite. But I have been really fortunate to meet great people through my MBA program and working with them in groups has been fun!  We are meeting every Saturday during this term to solve those dang spreadsheet calculations! #slaylikedavid

Thank you for reading, and would love for you to stay in touch!



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