#write31days | October 16

Monday Musings: Besties

I’ve written many times about my besties, the tribe who I do life with.  I had a note in my list of topics for this month, to include besties.

Then I lost a bestie. Yesterday.

These were the things I loved about her:

She never met a stranger.
She met so many of my friends, she never forgot you and asked me often about you.
She made the most beautiful bouquets and always had flowers for a table, no matter the occasion or size of the party.

She was brilliant and well respected in her career.
She told stories of travel and life that make you wonder how one person could do so many things.
She loved her family, her nieces and nephews were such a joy.
She wrestled and sought God, her faith was strong.
She intentionally made time to “bond” with her friends, including me.
She cheered on every new adventure, accomplishment and challenge.
She followed up.
She laughed out loud and often.
She was stylish and classic.
She was a bestie.

Thankfully, by the grace of God, I have an abundance of people who fit this same description in my life. I’ve met them through college or living here in Houston. We have grown up together, finding our way, leaning on each other in best and hardest of times.

Life is fragile, but Jesus gives hope of eternity.

Thankfully, I get to have a little glimpse of gift of friendship He gives through my besties.

Ashley, I’ll miss gathering at the table with you the most.
May the banquet table of eternity celebrate and sing over your life.
You are a treasure.

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