#write31days | October 1

Well, here we are again, October 1st.

Pumpkins, cooler temps and 31 days of writing.

I really considered skipping this year, but I’ve decided I’m going to go for it.  Maybe I’ll have to catch up a day or two, but I love this month of writing, so for the 4th year I’m writing 31 days this month.

In case you’ve missed it….

In 2014 I wrote about….STORIES of my life

In 2015 I wrote about…WAITING

In 2016 I wrote about…being S I N G L E

In 2017 I’m bringing back some favorites from my years of blogging…

Sunday Sabbath…ways I find rest
October 1 – Naps (this post, see below!)
October 8 – Road Trips
October 15 – Pray.
October 22 – Time Off
October 29 – Hallmark

Monday Musings…thoughts on various things in life
October 2 – Cleaning up messes
October 9 – Balance
October 16 – Besties
October 23 – Marriage
October 30 – Costumes

Tuesday Tip…a random tip for your everyday life
October 3 – Folding fitted sheets
October 10 – Incognito
October 17 – Fall Recipe Baked Spaghetti
October 24 – Mixed Prints

What I Wore Wednesday…a few recent outfits
October 4
October 11
October 18
October 25

Thursday Truth…a verse(s) that has been teaching me lately
October 5 – Lamentations 3:21-14
October 12 -Hebrews 2:5-10
October 19 – Psalm 34:18
October 26 – Habakkuk 3:19

Friday Favorites…a random assortment of favorites
October 6 – Fall Decor
October 13 – Home Updates
October 20 – All Kinds Of Things!
October 27 – This and That

Saturday Stories…the photos of the week & the stories behind them
2017 Every day. (10.01.17)
2017 Every day. (10.08.17)
2017 Every day. (10.15.17)
2017 Every day. (10.22.17)

So here we go!

Since we’re starting on a Sunday…one of my favorite ways to find rest?  Sunday nap.

For all of my life, Sunday naps have been a part of them.  I can remember being a kid and Sunday naps were a part of our after church routine. There came a time I didn’t have to take a nap, but I had to rest in my room, and Mom and Dad were taking a nap. I probably napped more often than not, truth be told.

Still today, after church, errands and lunch, I love to lay down on my couch for a bit. I sometimes don’t nap, but usually I do.  I turn on a football game in the fall, Hallmark channel, golf/tennis/baseball depending on the season and it promptly puts me to sleep. I’ve woken up in time to see lots of winning moments, but slept through most of the game!  🙂 Another favorite, Friday nap after the work week is over!

I’ve also successfully taught Auggie the practice of Sunday nap since he’s been around!

Puppies and babies always make naps look so enticing!

See you tomorrow, and find a way for some rest!


  1. Jen B on October 1, 2017 at 7:32 pm

    Hi! I like the format of your Write 31 Days ideas. I’m pretty random as well so I was thinking of doing something similar. If there’s anything that day that I feel especially passionate about, I will write about that, but I’m planning some ongoing topics that I can come back to if I get stuck. I’m a teacher too. I teach middle school music/chorus

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