2017 Every day. (12.24.17)

I love taking pictures, the every day, the mundane, the big, the fun, the celebrating, even the hard. Images I want to remember.  So, this year, I’m documenting my everyday. A photo a day for my FB/IG and then writing the stories of each on my blog weekly.


 Sunday morning we went to church, and got a quick pic by the Christmas tree at church. The ornaments on this tree have been on the tree at my home church since I was a kid, even though they are now on a different tree now, and were absent for a couple of years.  While I was loading up on Saturday to head to the 4G I was thinking “I’ll be home for Christmas” and when I got in my car to leave that very song was playing on the radio. Home for Christmas is always special.
Auggie had a little try on session of some new sweaters because Barney’s don’t fit him and cold weather’s coming.  I don’t think he had clothes on his Christmas list by the look on his face….
But, lucky for him we opened some fun presents on Christmas eve and he got some fun toys!
Merry Christmas from Auggie and me! After finishing my Mom’s photo Christmas card I decided to create my own photo card this year. These are a few favorite memories from this year…Thanksgiving with the littles, my professional headshot that’s been used several times this year for presentations at conferences, the girls baptism in October and of course a little portrait of my favorite side-kick who’s a lot of company to me!
Christmas day we took a road trip to my Aunt’s, but then got home and Mom and I finished up the puzzle that night!!
Tuesday I came home early and spent most of the day at the hospital with dear friends who’s son/grandson/nephew was very sick.  I got home Tuesday night and Auggie and I were both grateful to be on the couch, he with one of his favorites from Christmas – his very own turkey.
Wednesday morning I spent most of the morning at my table working on the puzzle, but did get out for lunch with a friend and a little window shopping with another friend.  I snapped this pic on a wall at Houston’s City Centre, near the Lululemon store.  These are good words. I love that mural art has become “trendy” here in Houston and in other cities I’ve traveled to as well.
This was my view Wednesday morning and I was quite content with it…but also glad I got out and about to see friends.
Wednesday night I met up with another friend at a favorite local spot for the best tacos, queso and cocktails!!
Thursday morning I went to Chick Fil A in my pj’s with Auggie in tow and aside from that outing I was home all day, in my pj’s, until about 6:15.  I spent another morning at the table and finished up the puzzle of 2017!  The weather has been perfectly cold and dreary for inside, low key days and I’ve soaked up the rest!
Neither one of us was mad about this day at home!
In the early hours of Thursday morning sweet Witt Lupher went home to Jesus.  This boy’s life was such a delight! While he never spoke a word, his heart overflowed with joy and he brought joy to all those who met him. I’m grateful to have known Witt, and am heartbroken for his family, dear friends who are an extended family to me. This picture was last year on Witt’s birthday, he turned 9 this year, and while every day for him was a miracle, most of all we saw  the miracle of God displayed through him every day.  We know God is sovereign and cling to the promise of eternity. Would you pray for his family? His mom, dad, 2 little brothers, grandparents and many aunts, uncles and cousins who are mourning his loss.
Friday morning I met a couple of friends at my favorite breakfast spot, Buffalo Grille.  And, we got the table by the fire. Yes!! I have had many a Friday (& Saturday) breakfast here and love gathering with friends in the morning over coffee and breakfast.  I also love come-as-you-are breakfast in comfy clothes, baseball caps and no make-up.  Life is fun dressed up, but these are some of my favorite moments with friends.
And, look who turned their frown upside down and happily sported a new sweater on his walk. We were grateful for a break in rain and super cold wind to get a walk in!
Saturday I headed out to the suburbs to see a friend’s new home and celebrate another friend’s birthday.  Hardest part of the day was actually getting ready, in real clothes, with makeup on and fixing my hair.  Just kidding, but really, I went to the drive-thru twice this week in my pjs.  #dontjudge This pic though, I felt like it was perfect for the end of the year, smiling on all this year has brought with all of it’s ups and downs and looking forward to 2018!
The big accomplishment of the day?  Getting all of my Christmas decor put away and the house put back together.  Of course, I looked and looked around to make sure I got everything Christmas before I put the last bin away.  And, as soon as I walked back inside and sat down, I realized the table runner was still on the table. The very place I had been gathering all the Christmas things to be put away.  Nevertheless, it’s put away now too!
Here we are the eve eve of 2018! I’ve made it a full year (minus one day, but I’ll make it tomorrow) of posting a photo every day with only the date caption and blogging the story of each photo every week! Some final thoughts on this year of “2017. Every day.” tomorrow, 12.31.17.

Thank you for reading, and would love for you to stay in touch!



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