#write31days | October 11

I’ve always been a believer in checking in on someone when they come to mind repeatedly. Even if I don’t know what may/may not be going on for them, if someone is on my mind “out of the blue” I will reach out.

I don’t know if you’ve ever received a call or text from someone that seemed “out of the blue”. Maybe you see it as total coincidence or random.  I never will.  I know God places people on our hearts and I need to reach out when that happens.

I know that because I’ve also been the receiver of the reach out. At just the time I need it. From someone who really has NO idea what has been happening in my life lately.  But, my name came to their mind and they were obedient to the press of the Spirit.


Recently, someone did that for me.
Someone I hadn’t heard from or really caught up with in a couple of months.
At 12:42 AM.

My phone buzzed.
I was up.
So much on my mind.
Trying to go to sleep.

I’m forever grateful for people like this friend who met me in the middle of the night completely unbeknownst to them.  They change my life without even knowing it.  I eventually went to sleep, my mind refocused to how grateful I am for those that care for and about me.

Don’t let the day or time deter you.  Just send the message or make the call. I promise the one on the other end will never say “I wish you hadn’t  reached out”. And then, #doitagain the next time for the next person.

If you’re just joining in from #write31days, I’m so glad you’re here!
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