February Loves

Happy February!

This month gives lots of feelings to lots of people. If you love red and pink, February might be your favorite! Maybe it’s a re-start to the beginning of the year because the resolutions of January didn’t happen. Some dread February because of Valentine’s Day.  Maybe there a painful memories attached to February.
Despite the ups and downs this year, there are lots of things I’m loving in February.

A bestie gave me this cute tray as a “thank you” last Fall.  I’ve left it out on my counter and see it every time I’m standing at my kitchen sink. A simple reminder there is always something to be thankful for. I added a few hearts for February and heck, I might even leave the hearts, too!

I’ve added a few other bits of holiday decor around that I’m loving…

The seasonal corner of my bar

Another kitchen reminder: spread love. 

One day when I was shopping with my Mom, I told her I wanted a black, white and gold Valentine kitchen towel.
We walked into Target and I found this gem in the Dollar Bins!
Perfect $3 addition!There were two towels in the set, the other one is b&w with Xs and Os all over, and I’m using it for my everyday towel.

Speaking of Xs and Os…this tic-tac-toe game is here for now and to stay. 

I took down the last of my winter decor and added these hand towels in my bathroom.

Little hard to see, but the hearts are gold.

So long to my winter bedding as well.  However, I didn’t add the floral back just yet.
Instead, I picked up these cute festive llama pillowcases at Marshall’s.   

They were a perfect match with little bits of blues, grays, pink and a tiny bit of red. 

A couple of fashion loves…

Gold Boots.
It’s Rodeo Houston time here in just a couple of weeks, so I’ve been breaking these boots in!

I’m loving wearing these cute oversized stud earrings with hearts.

I watched the littles basketball games last weekend and I love getting to see them play.
I’ve had so many reminiscing moments through the holidays of pictures from my Facebook memories, of when they were little bitty. Even though they grow up in the blink of an eye, I’ve loved every age with them!

Of course the Auggie dog brings lots of love around here every day.
February 2nd marked 3 years without my Barney, and on July 2nd I’ll celebrate 3 years since I adopted Auggie.

I’m so grateful for my besties, those from recent years and those who have been around for lots of years.
I love celebrating them.
I’ve celebrated already, and will celebrate a few more people this month. 

A friend shared this list on Instagram the other day and I loved each of these to-do’s.

(via @theeverygirl) 

I’ve been loving a new song on the radio by Chris Tomlin, “Nobody Loves Me Like You”.
(listen/watch here)
The first lyrics catch me every time:
“Morning, I see You in the sunrise every morning
It’s like a picture that You’ve painted for me
A love letter in the sky”

Such a beautiful image. I love the morning. The start of a new day.  And the sunrise, even behind clouds, the sun comes up. A love letter in the sky.

No matter what your thoughts are about February I hope there are few moments you’ll love and be thankful for this month. And, remember.  Nobody loves you like He does.  You’re seen.  And, loved.


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