The Next New Year

August 12 rang in a new year for me, and for some reason this birthday has really felt like a new year.  I usually only feel like a new year starts in January, I know for some the start of school brings the feeling of a new year, but my birthday doesn’t usually invoke those feelings. However, this year felt different.

After finishing my MBA I said “no” to lots of things and have been in an intentional season of rest with minimal commitments. This summer I took advantage of a gift certificate to the Four Seasons Spa and had a solo treat day as I indulged with a massage, pedicure, lunch, afternoon at the pool and a complimentary glass of champagne, too! I grabbed a book that has been on my shelves for a while and tucked it in my bag to read that day. Remember God, by Annie F. Downs.

As I sat by myself that day with some time to think, I realized, it has been a year, a true year of rest. There have been lots of things that have gone on in the last year; a few really hard seasons, a new job, some very fun things and a lot of seemingly mundane in between. Most of all, I had space for all of the days because I was free. My spa treat day felt like the year of rest was being tied up with a bow, and God has been so faithful through it.  The next year, coinciding with my birthday feels like a new season is starting. I’ve said “yes” to a couple of things; co-taught a 5-week summer bible study,  joining back up with Polished Houston, we’ve hired a new team member at work, changed how I’m serving at church, and a couple of other things, too.

All very good things. Things I am looking forward to.  Including this little space of the internet.

(i.e.: return of “What I’m Wearing” posts)

One of my favorite things about my birthday is sharing my day with my Mom. We hosted my parents and had a delicious and fun family dinner, thanks to my boyfriend for frying fish and grilling at his house. It was a gift to tell my mom to just show up and prepare a meal for us to enjoy with her having to do none of the work. My boyfriend’s mom also joined us and brought this homemade strawberry cake that was so yummy!

The day of my birthday was really sweet. Every gift of words given to me via text, call, card, song, post, message, gift and story made my day. Each word reminded me of how my life connects to others because of family, framily, years of friendship and seasons of life. I will treasure these words into the next year.

Icing on the cake of my day, we went to dinner at a place in Houston that makes you forget you’re right off the beaten path of concrete, busy streets and one of the largest cities in the US.  We will definitely be back, to enjoy the patio on a fall evening where the fan isn’t so critical to sitting outside. 🙂 Thankful to celebrate this day with this guy by my side. One day, I’ll tell more of our story here.

So here I go into the next, new year.  One that I feel expectant to where God is calling me. With the same faithfulness he’s shown me throughout the last year.

Blessings to you,



  1. Lemuel Gillikin on August 24, 2019 at 7:49 am

    The B day was such a great time for dad with the two gals in my life!

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