Friday Favorites at Home

I love the Friday Favorites link up, it’s a fun way to see all kinds of things blogs I love are loving lately.  I’m linking up today for Friday Favorites with a few things I’m loving lately. 

I have had my grill pan for a few years and have used it mostly for chicken or on occasion steaks.  I have not used it really for vegetables, but this summer we have cooked corn on the cob several times on the grill and I finally decided to try it in my grill pan, since there’s no grill at my house. And, it turned out great!  I am a little picky about my corn-on-the-cob, as I don’t like to eat it on the cob, but cut off.  To add to my corn quirks, this is really the only way I like corn, not canned, creamed, frozen, etc.. Grilled and cut off the cob.  #special. I might work on a street corn recipe this fall, we will see! 

Speaking of grilling out, Auggie loves my boyfriend’s back yard and also has become buddies with his dog. They are learning to play together, Auggie is learning to be more social, and getting some practice at learning to come to me when he’s off the leash.  Happy photogenic pups! 

I shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year mostly by doing returns, because I didn’t really like anything I got. I kept one gray cardigan and this new water bottle. I hadn’t heard of HydroFlask, but apparently I’m last on that train because seems like lots of people know this brand when they see me with my water bottle. I’ve forever been a Yeti cup person, which I refill during the day at work, but it wasn’t always convenient to take a drink with a lid to meetings, to a campus, etc., so I had been considering a different kind of water bottle. Best part about it, regular ice cubes fit in it, even from the ice on the fridge door and the flip top straw lid.  Worst – it’s big, so it doesn’t fit in the cup holder. If you haven’t heard about these, catch one on sale, because I’d say it’s worth half price, but not sure about full price. 

And, those sunglasses pictured above? They are by Goodr, have you heard of these? Me either until my bestie gave them to me for my birthday. And, I love them!! She told me they won’t move on your face or bounce, they are designed for runners and they are polarized. Check. Check. Check. Well, I’m not a runner, but sometimes a jogger. So, they work for me, too. 😉 

Speaking of running, it’s been so hot lately so I have walked more than jogged.  I’ve been using my Map My Fitness app lately on my walks to push myself and check my pace. Keeping it until 13 minute per mile pace is my goal right now, and the app helps while I’m walking. I just don’t like having to carry my phone.  Perhaps this is a point in favor of the #applewatchcampaign?

If you saw my birthday post, you might have noticed this book, New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp.  It is a devotional that a lot of people recommended to me, and I received it for a birthday gift this year. If you’re looking for a devo with some “meat” to it and additional scriptures for the day, I would definitely recommend this book. Each day has a devotional, scripture verses and a “for further study” reference to a chapter or section of verses in the Bible. Also, when I just looked the book up on Amazon, it’s currently on sale for $10.26, SO worth it!! I’ll wait while you place your order. 

Welcome back. My last favorite right now, is this cute new fall sign I picked up for the little wall by my bar where I display various signs for holidays and seasons. I found this one at TJ Maxx, for $6.99 I believe. It pretty much describes life right now. The only thing missing is fall temperatures as we’re still in 100 degree days, but those cooler days will come! 

That’s it for this week, a few favorites I’m loving around home.  Happy Friday! Have a great day and weekend ahead.  See ya next week. 


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