Blazer Love

I have long loved a blazer.  I really love that they are on trend right now and available in most stores, for reasonable prices and a variety of colors and patters.  Here’s a few blazer looks over the last several months….

In July I had an interview and this was my outfit. Both the blazer and the pants are from Marshall’s, but I feel like you should really know about this $4.97 shell from Walmart. It is perfect under blazers, and NOT SEE THROUGH!! Do you even know how many white tanks I have tried on?  So, if you’re looking for this unicorn as well, click here.  (not an affiliate link)

This is a simple reminder that one change can change up a whole outfit…black tank and pants and two different looks with the blue blazer or the pink blazer.

For a look at the same blue blazer, this was my outfit for a luncheon event.  Both pieces are from Target!  This will repeat.

For another look at the same blazer twice, the pic on the right is a work-day outfit with cropped black pants (Walmart) and a tank plus a white blazer with tiny black pinstripe.

And, here’s that same blazer on night one of Rodeo Houston 2019 with a graphic t and jeans.

Speaking of graphic t’s, blazers and jeans…here’s another recent work-day look of those 3 pieces.

This white blazer is a favorite that I’ve worn a few different ways. This day with a Loft blouse, olive joggers and white pumps.

Last but not least, remember I posted a blazer on this post, I wore this leopard blazer, t and jeans to a conference. I’ve really had my eye out for a cute lilac graphic t to go with this blazer, but haven’t found it yet.  For the record, this is the 3rd blazer in this post from Marshall’s.

That day at the conference happened to be the day a photographer was there for headshots, and I was pretty happy with how my headshots came out this year!

Are you wearing blazers lately? I wish I could wear jeans + t + blazer most days this fall!  So many ways to mix and match them up, especially as the weather gets cooler.

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