What I’m Wearing: “Pre-Fall”

“Pre-fall” seems to be a fashion industry term, however if you’re in Texas, or the south, it might really feel like “second summer”!  After a few days recently of lower temps, and most notably – lower humidity, the heat returned with a vengeance, but the promise of lower temps and humidity looms just a few days away.  

Here’s a few things I’ve been wearing as we transition in Texas “pre-fall”.  Note, not shown are still all of my workout shorts and tank tops because 100º and humidity!! 

Olive Free Assembly popover + Free Assembly 90’s denim shorts + Nike Waffle Running Shoes

Time & Tru Quilted Top + Nordstrom Rack Jeans + Shu Shop high top sneakers

Time & Tru bodysuit + Old Navy Mid-Rise Boyfriend Jeans + Nike Waffle Running Shoes

Free Assembly T ($3 in store!) + Old Navy Mid-Rise Boyfriend Jeans + Shu Shop high top sneakers

Old Navy Dress (maybe still in store) + Amazon Chain Mules 
(I am all in for the return of rugby stripe/polo trend! This one is maroon stripe, so also cute for game day!)

Gina T’s Vogue Rodeo T + Old Navy Mid-Rise Boyfriend Jeans + Amazon Chain Mules

Black on Black will always be one of my favorite combinations!  Combine with camel/cognac accessories and it is a perfect fall work day transition when the temps are still high!  

Nordstrom Rack top + Gap jeans + Nine West Why Not pumps 

*all of these are direct links, nothing commissionable, just recent finds I like to share.  Also, Old Navy mid-rise boyfriend jeans come in various washes and hems, don’t like what you see right now, watch them for a bit and they will change with a new style. 

Here’s to “Real Fall” showing up soon and some opportunities for sweaters, cardigans and sweatshirts…I’ve got mine ready to go!

Blessings and cooler temps to you, 



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