(Originally written for Women’s Newsletter at our church)

This summer I was on an evening walk in my neighborhood with my dog, Auggie. As I often do on a walk, this was a walk to process and think/pray through some things. We were on a back street and I heard a lawnmower, a familiar sound in the evening, and then it stopped.  As I passed, a neighbor waved, said hello, and told me he wanted me to enjoy my walk in silence.  I was really struck by what a kind gift his actions were.  

I began to think about noise.  Sure, there’s physical noise around us like the lawnmower, voices, TVs, toys, music, and more.  However, more than this physical noise is the silent noise that we are listening to every day.  

This noise might sound like “you’re a failure”, “you’re insignificant”, “you’re unworthy”, “you shouldn’t need help”, “you’re _______”.  You’ve probably heard something similar very loudly in your mind this week. This noise is lies, the enemy trying to distract you from the truths of God about your life, and is affecting who God has called us to be. 

What about the noise we choose to turn on?  Sources of information and content that begin to make you question or compare your circumstances.  How do you choose what you are taking in and filter the content noise that is not healthy for you?  Does this chosen noise turn into silent noise, becoming a cycle that causes an unsteady mindset and belief about yourself or those around you? 

How comfortable are you to intentionally turn off the noise and listen in silence?  To sit quietly with Jesus, asking him for truths of scripture to speak louder than lies? Or would you rather let the internal and external noise continue? If we are not intentional to put the truth of Jesus’ words through scripture into our minds, we will continue to struggle with standing firm as the world shouts to get our attention from every angle.  

Take some time this week to recognize both the silent and chosen noise in your life, sit in the silence and ask Jesus to give you wisdom to address the noise, to put a new song in your heart and mind, and to help you stand firm in his truth.  In the words of Bethel Music “Sing a little louder, Louder than the unbelief” to hear the truth of your Savior who sees you as a success, significant, worthy, beautiful, loved, steadfast and equipped for His purposes.  He delights in you and puts a new song in your heart, to carry His purposes for which you are called. 

Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain. I Corinthians 15:58


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