What I’m Wearing: Christmas Edition

One thing is for sure this Christmas season, I’ve gotten my money’s worth of my Christmas t’s!  Working from home has its perks!  Here’s a little round up of what I’ve been wearing lately… 

First: transitioning from Thanksgiving on Thursday to Christmas on Friday! We added a Christmas tree to our bedroom this year, and it’s right by the mirror I take pics, and is a favorite this season!

This JOYFUL shirt has been a favorite. Also, since the first half of December was 80 degrees, t-shirts have been the norm! 

Classic Merry Christmas is always a favorite, and I’ve love the pink and olive of this T from a couple of years ago. 

Headbands + Christmas Ts are perfect for working from home. 

Since it is 80s outside, that means ACs are running full blast inside, so a T + cardigan of many colors works in this holiday season.  

Weather finally cooled off + a Chick Fil A Peppermint Shake..that really makes the holidays MERRY! 🙂  Have you had one?  If not, you should. The good news is they are limited time only. 

Pink has been on a little bit of repeat in the Christmas wear this year…

Another thing I’ve been loving…Christmas earrings! 

And, my James Avery Christmas charm bracelet has been on repeat this season


We’ve had a few fun outings, too, including a couple of date nights 

A Rodeo party  

Sunday Style for church. Since green is my favorite, it is easy to be Christmasy. 
And, Cody was looking handsome for church!

Cozy waffle T for morning grocery run after staying up late working on a Christmas puzzle! 

Can’t be a What I’m Wearing: Christmas Edition post without one of my favorite childhood Christmas pics. Fancy bonnet + hand-me-down jeans + sneakers, some things never change…I love a good jeans outfit! 

Blessings to you this Christmas season. When some days have felt difficult, a simple Christmas T has brought me joy. My prayer is for the little moments to matter more than the presents, the parties, the going and coming and for Jesus to be the center of the season. 



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