Monday Musings ~ Tribe {on Tuesday}

….a few thoughts, a little scattered….

Yes, it’s Tuesday. But, sometimes, that is how life is and so this week Monday’s Musings are on Tuesday. And, Monday was a good day.

This past week I’ve been thinking about my tribe, the ones who live this life alongside me, and this graphic came across my newsfeed one day… 
As this decade of 30’s is closing, looking back lots has changed in my tribe, but the ones that are here as I head into the next decade are significant. In just the last couple of weeks I have gathered at the table with sweet friends, over breakfast (my favorite!!) and been reminded of the gifts in my tribe. 

The ones who are new to my tribe, that came in the midst of a new season in my life. 
The ones you can’t imagine haven’t always been a part of your tribe. 
The ones that ask hard questions, and speak kind words and truth to you. 
The ones who don’t just say “I will pray for you”, but really DO pray and check in on you. 
The ones you have known a long time and the bottom of 3rd cup of coffee feels like maybe you’re just getting started and there aren’t enough hours to cover all the topics. 
The ones that let me be me. 
No makeup. 
Hair in a top knot. 
Nike shorts. 
That same half-zip, again. 
Where “I’m ok” isn’t the answer to the question. 
Where I don’t have to be ok. 
This tribe of mine is shiny quarters, every one of them. 
My life is better because of them. 
Like a perfectly chosen pancake flight. 
A little bit of all of your favorite things, though each unique and a rich contribution to my life. 


  1. annalee on August 10, 2016 at 8:59 pm

    YOU ARE LOVED! And a shiny half dollar. xo

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