Monday Musings ~ Model Athletes

…a few thoughts, a little scattered….

If you’re like me, the TV has been on most evenings watching the Olympics, captivated by their stories of triumph and their athleticism to excel in their sport.  
In the last week I have… 
watched athletes acknowledge frustration with their performance. 
questioned announcers who criticize athletes. 
celebrated world record breaking performances. 
teared up watching a gold medal ceremony. 
witnessed Olympic history. 
watched teammates cheering each other on. 
read stories of controversy.  
I recently had the chance to meet an Olympic Gold Medalist, Hall of Famer, All Star and MVP. 
A Naval Academy graduate and Navy Lieutenant. 
David “The Admiral” Robinson.

I spent an afternoon as pretty much an observer. 
Of words spoken and actions, which speak loud. 
I saw…
signatures on baseballs, to laughs of “I didn’t play baseball”. 
photos and conversations with younger athletes. 
intentional conversation with students. 
challenge if something isn’t working, to change it, not just let it be. 
friendships of athletes. 
interviews with the press.
handshakes with staffers.
personal testimony of success and lessons. 
time. for everyone. not just some. for all. 
Arguably one of the greatest to every play the game of basketball. 
Who could have just retired. 
But, his legacy is not only about the sport. 
Instead, equipping the next generation. 
Investing in them. 
Giving them an opportunity of education and experience. 
And, that is worth more than gold. 
Thank you David Robinson. 
For being a true role model athlete. 

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