Monday Musings ~ Back to School

…a few thoughts, a little scattered….
I graduated college in December 1997, a semester early and upon graduation I planned to work for the Spring semester, apply to grad school and begin a MBA program in the Fall 1998.  
Then I went to work. 
And, I kept working. 
But, I kept thinking about that MBA for all of these years. 
And asking questions….
Where can I go? 
When is the right time? 
How much does it cost? 
Can I do it part time while working? 
Can I even get a reasonable score on the GMAT?
I haven’t been in school in a LONG time!! 
{Fast forward 18.5 years}
And, one conversation at just the right time. 
I applied. 
I was accepted. 
I had an appointment with an Admissions Counselor.
I registered. 
I figured out 21st century college and found my online pre-class instructions. 
I got some school supplies. 
I have an Introduction Worksheet complete. 
And, tomorrow, the journey officially begins. 
And, 20 years later from when I would have just been starting that MBA,
Lord willing I will graduate Summer 2018. 
I’m reminded the years don’t matter, it’s accomplishing the goal. 
Here goes…

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