Summer Style | Denim

Even though Texas has consecutive 100-degree summer days, I still default to jeans for some evenings out. Here are a few recent summer nights in denim…

I looked at the tag in these jeans, they are Gap from Fall 08 and “limited edition” according to the tag, perhaps also when flare jeans were “in” style the last time around. Don’t doubt, I’ve worn them for all of these years whether flare was “in” or “out” in the words of Heidi on Project Runway.  If I was ever told I could only have 6 shirts I would pick a tank, v-neck and button up in both black and white. Denim and white top is one of my all time favorite combos, change it up and make it look unique depending on the accessories. This particular day, an old JCrew tank and green beaded necklace, plus a leopard belt and wedges. The white clutch has become a go-to that I reach for regularly.

On a summer road trip day through Round Top I picked up this “Hard to Handle” tank, and have worn it a few times already. These jeans are a random pick up from Target, but several years ago and are likely to need some patches applied soon to stay wearable. They are perfect for summer though.  The necklace is a years prior Junk Gypsy find and fun add to a simple graphic tank. Wedges are now on their 3rd summer, and still going strong, they are Splendid LA and found in clearance section of DSW. And, yes the white clutch again. 🙂

This night was hilarious as this t-shirt gets lots of comments from strangers. Most notable “do you have a stay at home shirt?”. Ummmm…  I first saw this T posted on Nordstrom’s Instagram and it was a must have for me. {Click here, and on sale!} Any given day when someone asks me what I’m wearing out I often respond with “jeans and a t”, so expect to see this repeat. Just like the necklace and the clutch and the wedges.

Back to the first pair of jeans. Here they are again. Again with a T, found this one at Mindy Mae’s Market and purchased during a sale. {Click here, sign up for re-stock notification} I felt it was appropriate for turning 40. Also, this night I had been in and outside and you know sometimes you’re just done with your hair. The star of the photos was /practicing/showing off his high-five skills.

Stay true to what you like, and repeat it often!



  1. ChrissyNeedsGrace on August 24, 2016 at 6:32 am

    Super cute. And I love your statement necklaces. 🙂

  2. angie on September 6, 2016 at 5:57 pm

    Hi Crissy – thank you so much!! Have a great day!

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