#write31days | October 17th

…a few thoughts a little (a lot) scattered…. 

Today I had lunch with a friend which is always a favorite and the number of topics we covered typical for 2 girls out to lunch and catching up.  One thing we talked about for a while was a simple phrase we often say without thinking:

“I’m sorry.” 
In my MBA course recently I was the leader of a class activity that impacted our whole class and someone said something to me during the feedback session to which I replied, “I’m sorry” and my additional comments.  After class when talking with my professors one said to me “Angie, never apologize for something you believe in”.  
In talking about this with others a few points have come up in conversation….
Someone at work asks you for some type of deliverable and you’re in the midst of a couple of things. They don’t give you a deadline, but when you deliver said item, it is often given with “I’m sorry, this took me a couple of hours (day/couple of days, or whatever it was) to complete.  Why sorry?  There was no deadline.  
In making plans, “I’m sorry, can’t do that”. Why sorry? You (and I) have the ability to say No.  
In cancelling plans “I’m sorry, _______ happened, can’t make it”.  Things are out of your control and you sometimes have to cancel.  Side note: being someone who never commits/constantly cancels plans on people is a different topic.   
What we’re apologizing for is our priorities!!  
And, if it is our priority (family, rest, another commitment, etc., etc.) why are we apologizing?  
Consequently our “I’m sorry” becomes meaningless when it really needs to matter. And, I caution myself and you to using #sorrynotsorry which really comes across most of the time as rude. So, why say it?    
Stand firm in your beliefs. 
Don’t apologize for them. 
But be thoughtful in how you present them.
Believe in your priorities.  
Don’t apologize for them. 
But be mindful in balancing priorities
Trust in your commitments. 
Don’t apologize for them. 
But be intentional in your commitment. 
If you’re S I N G L E, don’t apologize for doing things that YOU want to do. Just because you’re S I N G L E doesn’t make you available for everyone else’s time. YOUR time matters. YOU have priorities. YOU stand for them. 
But, when there is something that bears an apology, by all means, bear the weight of “I’m sorry” and mean it with every ounce of your being. 
If you’re just joining in from #write31days, I’m so glad you’re here!
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