2017. Every day. (05.14.17)

I love taking pictures, the every day, the mundane, the big, the fun, the celebrating, even the hard. Images I want to remember.  So, this year, I’m documenting my everyday. A photo a day for my FB/IG and then writing the stories of each on my blog weekly.

So, welcome to (May) 2017!
And, my FIRST FULL POST on the new site!! Hooray!!!

Sunday was Mother’s Day! I’m so grateful for my Mama. First and foremost for her unrelenting faith in Jesus and that she prays for us daily. My Mom loves to laugh and this is a perfect capture of us, cracking up together after enjoying lunch on Sunday with my Dad to celebrate her. She was always my Mom first, and as I’ve grown up, she’s become the dearest of friend, but she is still first, my Mom.  I’m grateful for her, grateful to celebrate her on Mother’s Day, and most grateful for all the big and small moments of the every day with her.
{05.14.17 – Bonus}
Of course I had to document my first “Fur Mother’s Day” with Auggie!
I gathered at the table on Monday night with the leaders of Polished Houston to talk about our upcoming lunch (buy a ticket here) and planning for the fall luncheons. Beyond our “agenda topics” my heart was so full as we gathered, shared laughs, helped each other, shared tears and the notes on this page are the hearts of each of those girls. The things that weigh them down and are celebrated, the things we are above all believing God for and trusting in his sovereignty over. Most of these girls I didn’t know prior to Polished and I have loved seeing how our group is growing together.
Most days I go home for lunch, but some days Torchy’s calls out to me and I must go and pick up a taco and a small queso for lunch. Sometimes I get it to go. Sometimes I have something I need to read so I sit inside to eat & read by myself. Sometimes I go with a friend.  No matter which one of those scenarios applies, I love Torchy’s tacos!
{05.16.17 – Bonus}
I had one Tuesday night off from class, between spring semester and summer semester. So, I took advantage of the sunshine and instead of having to read articles for class, I read a book and soaked up the sun for an hour!
I have been working on and thinking about and fiddling with this website for quite some time. I have asked for help, gotten estimates, (been sticker shocked at said estimates!!), and finally dug in and figured “it doesn’t have to be perfect, it needs to be LIVE”.  So, I worked on this little site most of Wednesday evening. Also, if you haven’t see the new Duncan Hines coffee cup cake mixes for 1, you should try them out!!  Duncan Hines seems to do no wrong in the cake mix department, whether it is for 1 or for a full cake!
{05.17.17 – Bonus}
Happy Birthday to my little website – Version 1.0!
Also, if you remember April’s 30 day commitment was 30 days of snail mail cards, then you’ll know how much I loved the mail this day when I opened up to 2 pieces of snail mail!
Thursday after work I took Auggie for a jog, then got ready for a leadership wrap up meeting Thursday night with my Rodeo Committee. This is the committee where we just lost one of our leadership teammates. As I was getting ready that night, I was in a little bit of a funk, our first official gathering and he wouldn’t be there.  A few nights before his wife posted about how the nights were so hard.  My heart just hurt for her.  Daren always used to tease me about being single, so these koozies on our table gave me a good laugh in his memory.  In case you can’t read it:  “She is out of your league…you better hurry”! Cheers Daren, and when the right one comes along, let’s hope he doesn’t tarry.
Cheers to Daren with my favorites!
Friday night, post jog, trying to cool off, my porch, my book, a beer and Auggie. Pretty perfect. I’m pretty low key most Friday nights after the work week. We sat outside until sundown and I could no longer see the pages to read.
{05.19.17 – Bonus}
I don’t drink too much, but in summer I occasionally pick up one of the “build your own 6-packs” at the grocery store to try new summer beer flavors. I got these a few weeks ago and have the coffee one left, it’s the only one I haven’t tried before. And, truth be told I’ll open one up (like above) and drink about half of it, and that’s it. The Leinenlugel’s Summer Shandy is still my favorite, but the Shiner Strawberry Blonde is pretty good second!
Saturday morning breakfast at my very favorite place, Buffalo Grille. Toasted cinnamon coffee, hash browns, eggs scrambled with bacon, a pancake makes me happy!  
Thank you for reading, and would love for you to stay in touch!
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