2017. Every day. (05.21.17)

I love taking pictures, the every day, the mundane, the big, the fun, the celebrating, even the hard. Images I want to remember.  So, this year, I’m documenting my everyday. A photo a day for my FB/IG and then writing the stories of each on my blog weekly.


One of my favorite things we do is communion at church.  I sit on the front row, and the way our church takes communion I hear the people who are passing it out say over and over:

“The body of Christ broken for you”
“The blood of Christ shed for you”

At least 100 times I hear it. If there is someone I know giving communion, they usually say “Angie, the body of Christ broken for you.”. There’s something so personal about that.  And, it resonates deep in my heart to hear those words over and over repeated to my church family. So grateful for my relationship with Jesus, the one thing that sustains me in this crazy thing we call life. 


If you know me, you know a burger is one of my very favorite things. I will order one out to eat a lot of times. I like burgers from homemade, to  fine dining like Whataburger, and even a few upscale places too. I don’t often make burgers at home, but I did on Monday and it was delish. Auggie only wished he could have had a bite….but no people food for him.

My heart has been so heavy this week for the senseless loss of life in Manchester.


Back to school for summer session.  Have you heard of sketchnotes?  I follow Sylvia Duckworth on Twitter, she is a teacher and introduced sketchnotes as an alternative to traditional note taking. While I am typically an outliner, this was notes over one of Simon Sinek’s TedX talks, and so I gave sketchnotes a try.  Also, I like to practice my lettering on notes as well.


Wednesday was a day I have been praying and planning for nearly 10 months: the launch of Polished Houston!  I’m so grateful to the vision Kat has for this unique women’s ministry to connect women in their careers and their faith. We had a fantastic kickoff luncheon with over 50 women in attendance! If you’re in Houston, Dallas/N Dallas, Fort Worth or Austin and a young working woman you should definitely connect with Polished.  (www.polishedonline.org).

{05.24.17 – Bonus}

I took most of the day off, and it happened to be a day Houston really showed off!  It was perfectly clear skies after some dreary, hot and humid days with nearly 0% humidity and we had the best morning jog!


I received a fun surprise at work on Thursday, a delicious “thank you” arrangement.  I believe in 19 years of working this is the 2nd or maybe 3rd time I’ve ever received a delivery at work, so it was certainly a fun treat and surprise on Thursday!

{05.25.17 – Bonus}

Cheddar Bay Biscuit Day.  Yes.


I was going to go out to an event on Friday night, but ended up staying in and working on class homework that also needed to  be done at some time during the weekend. And, spilled the crunch berries too.  I was fixing a late night bowl of cereal that first went on the floor, and then I enjoyed the 2nd bowl.


This weekend was the Danny Dietz Memorial Classic just outside of Houston. Honoring Danny, a fallen Navy SEAL. This moment was a tribute to those who lost their lives in combat, fighting for the rest of us. If you haven’t read some of the books by Navy SEALS, I definitely recommend Lone Survivor, Service, American Sniper, American Wife.  Truly humbled by the sacrifices they make to so many things to do the thing they love – fight for the USA. May those gone too soon rest in peace and their families forever be honored for the brave lives they led. And to the ones who make it home forever changed, may you find peace in your life and know you’re our hero forever.

{05.27.17 – Bonus}

Celebrated this kid turning 10!  The one who made me an Aunt! Love that boy!

Thank you for reading, and would love for you to stay in touch!
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