2017 Every day. (07.16.17)

I love taking pictures, the every day, the mundane, the big, the fun, the celebrating, even the hard. Images I want to remember.  So, this year, I’m documenting my everyday. A photo a day for my FB/IG and then writing the stories of each on my blog weekly.



Sunday I had to travel to San Antonio for a work conference, and Melanie Shankle happened to be teaching at her church, so I left a little early and made it to church in San Antonio.  She spoke on redemption and specifically about Bathsheba, such a good reminder of how God can work out our messes, if we are willing, and the new story He can write. (Of course, we do still endure consequences of our messes, but He is a loving and gracious God to our selfish and misguided selves.) Was a treat to get to catch up with Melanie for a few minutes and chat over all sorts of topics from camp to the Nordstrom Sale.

 Sunday afternoon I had a meeting and then some down time, which I enjoyed poolside at the hotel with a new book I started.  07.17.17

Monday evening I met up with a friend who was in town for the same conference, though we didn’t realize it until Sunday thanks to Facebook!  I babysat her from 6 weeks old, and now she’s married and a Mama to this sweet boy, who’s turning 2 in September?! Where do the years go??  Also on Monday I presented a session during the conference, it was one of my favorites yet as I recounted lessons and activities I did with my students. We took a quick selfie before I started, and before about 20 more people came in and the room was packed and felt like church without AC!  But, it was a great session! 07.18.17

Tuesday I drove home from San Antonio and if you’re from around here, you know a trip down I-10 West isn’t complete without a stop at Buc-ee’s.  I’d had lunch already so treated myself to a drumstick, which I haven’t had in years! Pretty sure peanut topping will be in my car for a while….not sure that was the best road trip snack, but once every 10 years or so is good.


Wednesday I loaded up with a sweet friend, her teenage son, his buddy and we road tripped to Florida for a week at the beach! Yes!! I’ve never been to this part of Florida and the beach is beautiful. I love road trips, and the miles flew by as we caught up on all sorts of topics.
First peek of #30A beaches.  Beautiful!! 07.20.17

We spent our first day on the beach and at the pool in Water Color. Salty hair, sun shine, new friends, good books, poolside snacks, laughs and naps…these are a few of my favorite things!

Thursday night we met up with a few families who are also in town for dinner and a little live music. Such a treat to see these hometown friends while away on vacation.

Even though I’m on vacation, my little Accounting class friend for July isn’t and I had to take a test while at the beach. Maybe it was the beach, maybe accounting is starting to become clearer, or maybe a combination, but I was grateful to get an A on this test! And, one question I missed, argh, totally didn’t read all the answers and was a dumb mistake. Hate when I do that, but oh well.

Favorite of the beach?  Riding bikes EVERYWHERE!! I love a vacation where you can park the car (or get out of the airport cab) and walk or bike the city streets. We’ve ridden our bikes with beach chairs on our backs and coolers in the basket by day and for dinner in wedges by night! 🙂 This is a favorite of #30A for sure!  Beach views….While I’ve been here, I started and finished in a couple of sittings Melanie’s new book, Church of the Small Things. More thoughts coming soon, but you should mark your calendar for this Wednesday, July 26th for pre-order news and October 3rd for the book release!!

More coming soon from my beach trip, I’m a fan of #30A! Thank you for reading, and would love for you to stay in touch!



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