2017 Every day. (07.09.17)

I love taking pictures, the every day, the mundane, the big, the fun, the celebrating, even the hard. Images I want to remember.  So, this year, I’m documenting my everyday. A photo a day for my FB/IG and then writing the stories of each on my blog weekly.



In 2014-2015 school year I participated in Women’s Discipleship at my church and was paired with these two girls, who became dear friends as we went through the year together, meeting every Monday night. Since that year, one has gotten married and was expecting a baby, so Sunday we had brunch after church to celebrate her last couple of days before baby girl’s arrival, which ended up being the 12th! Even though we don’t get to meet as regularly as we’d like, when we do is a sweet catch up together.


This month includes a lot of travel for me, and I’m taking one online course for my MBA, which is Accounting. Accounting is also like learning a foreign language for me, but it’s getting better. Also, online learning is not my ideal learning method, but it’s only 6 weeks and I’m persevering through!  Auggie is clearly thrilled with an Accounting course…


Tuesday I worked a half day and was out the door to two weeks away from the office, a little time off, an out of town conference, and a little more time off.  YES!

 And, in case you wonder what the rest of this outfit looked like, it was minimal effort at best.  Ponytail, button up, white jeans pants and leopard heels. I have said it before, and still rings true I love navy and leopard!

Tuesday afternoon I got to my Mom and Dad’s and was outside with the littles while they were swimming and one cute little doggie in the window was wishing to be outside. Also, because he’s escaped out this door for a joy-run through the pasture where he doesn’t fully know the command “come” and feels his best self in his expression of freedom.

We had a little afternoon down time in the recliner after VBS and lunch.  I love a chair where every inch is squeezed full, used to all three littles could fit in the recliner with me, but now, we might tip it over. But, I still love snuggling them just the same, even if it is one at a time and one crazy pup too!

Wednesday night our long time neighbor Marion came over for dinner before she moves away to Florida. She, and her late husband Victor, have been a friend to our family for 20 years. She’s helped out in the swimming pool when we needed extra hands with the littles, she’s sat on the porch for hours, been a dear friend to my Mom and cheerleader to all of us through life’s ups and downs. She will be missed in the neighborhood, but we will keep sweet memories with us forever!
While I was home this week I took advantage of small town conveniences, like getting my passport renewed in 20 minutes at the post office with no line, taking Auggie for shots where the office visit is only $5, hanging out at the library to take my accounting test, getting my oil changed/tires rotated and brake service from the local shop who also popped out a dent someone graciously left me in the parking lot of Rodeo without a note. I’m grateful to have been raised in a small town, and love getting to be home for several days in the summer while the littles are in town for fun and VBS.

Thursday night of VBS is the littles favorite, Family Night Hot Dog Supper. We get to see their classes, their grade levels sing a song and we have a giant hot dog supper with all the families and kids.  The girls always ensure I packed my curling iron and have a specific hair do in mind for hot dog supper night, as well as their outfit of choice. Both are wearing outfits from their birthday shopping this year.  Of course Cole is handsome as always, and asks for a little assistance with his hair to spike it up in the front. 😉  07.14.17

Friday I left for home and left little Auggie at my parents for the week ahead while I am out of town for a trip. He also got a summer haircut Friday morning. Longest I’ve been away from him since I got him…. 07.15.17

Saturday  breakfast is my favorite, and it was a treat to meet up with two dear friends from teaching at OTHS.  I’m so grateful  for those friendships I made, which are still people I keep in touch with even though I’m not there teaching.  Three hours flies by over omelets, hash-browns, coffee and chatting!

 I hope July has found you with some down time, family time, friend time and rest time.  Thank you for reading, and would love for you to stay in touch!

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