#write31days | October 20

Friday Favorites! 

Today is a random mix of all kinds of things….

First, I re-did my desk, or really my computer.  I got a monitor, keyboard and mouse for my laptop! I am on my computer at home a ton; for school work, blogging, Plexus, Polished and Rodeo.  So, having a bigger screen, keyboard with number pad is really helpful!!  My laptop is on a handy stand right behind the drawers on left side, but it’s pretty much out of the way, but easy to take with me when I necessary. So, this set up is a new favorite!

I saw this quote this week on Twitter, and these are good words.

We had our first Rodeo meeting last week, which is a favorite, and I saw lots of my favorites too!! #wheresWaldo

Have y’all seen Kacey Musgraves wedding pictures? She looks really pretty, but let’s talk about that green velvet blazer on her new husband?! Love it!! Maybe I should add this to the things I’m looking for in a guy…. #justkidding #kindof

My Mom has recently raved about a copper pan and she picked one up for me too, from Marshall’s. I’ve just used it a few times and it is a favorite. You don’t have to use any butter, oil, or non-stick spray and it cleans up so easily. My mom has cooked everything from chicken to london broil in hers, so it’s good for anything!

Last, who doesn’t love a good nap and Auggie dog makes naps look so good! Naps are a favorite. And, he’s my favorite.

That’s it for this week’s favorites. See you tomorrow!

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