#write31days | October 8

One of my favorite week night activities is meeting with a small group of women for Bible study.  The last two years I’ve not been able to be involved in small group due to my MBA and having classes in the evenings. I’ve really missed those nights gathered around a table or in a living room.  I also made a commitment to myself to not add anything new to my plate over the summer as I wanted to be intentional with freeing my schedule and really deciding what I wanted to “add back” to my schedule. But, it was time to #doitagain and add Bible study back this Fall.

The closest friends I’ve made in Houston have come out of being involved in small group. Those friendships are different.

We’ve covered all kinds of topics and studies by various authors.
We’ve had really large groups, and some really small.
We’ve seen life change in the best and worst of ways.
We’ve shared one another’s burdens.
We’ve celebrated all kinds of events.
We’ve prayed through seasons of abundance and need.
We’ve been vulnerable and overcome lies.
We’ve been consistent and faithful.
We’ve given grace to each other because we know we need it.
We’ve seen some move away and some new move in.
We’ve grown our faith.

I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am had I not decided to say “yes” to joining a small group the first time. And, then saying yes to #doitagain; as a member, a leader and a teacher.  I have learned so much about the Bible through small groups, truths that I still can go back to and bring to mind when I need them.

There are so many AMAZING organizations to be a part of, especially when you’re new to a city. However, before filling up your schedule, one of the best first places to say “yes” and connect is through a church small group. Just yesterday a friend and I were talking and someone had found a study she is leading by simply using Google search for women’s bible study and our church study came up. And, she showed up. Her life will be forever changed because of it, and she’ll always look back to the first study she joined in a new town.  I know that because I was also that girl.  (Even though church websites and google weren’t as popular back when I was searching.) 😉  

If you’re looking for a study this fall, here’s the book we are using, The Faithful. It is a 5-week study, with each week written by a different author, all of whom are amongst my favorite Bible study teachers. If you’re feeling like you’re not qualified to lead, grab a group of friends and join online this time around, via Lifeway, click here for details.

I promise you’ll be glad you said “yes”, and when the first group comes to an end you’ll be ready to say “yes” to #doitagain.

If you’re just joining in from #write31days, I’m so glad you’re here!
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