#write31days | October 14


The one thing that seems so hard to find time for, but the one thing we all really need.
And then, need to #doitagain regularly.

Carving out time to rest looks different for everyone.

Taking a walk.
Time spent with someone who matters.
Creating or crafting.
Cooking or baking.
Tending a garden or yard.
Sitting in a deer blind or on a boat.
Watching a sunset or sunrise.
Reading a good book.
A road trip or solo drive time.
A nap.

Instead, of taking the time to do the thing that refuels us, we opt for the to-do list.
If I can just get ______ done, then I can rest.

Our lives were designed to include a day of rest.
But, our world is designed to make us keep spinning the hamster wheel.
Consider which one you’re following.

If you’re just joining in from #write31days, I’m so glad you’re here!
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