House Projects: New Fence

July in Texas seems like a good time for an outdoor project, right?  Probably not our best timing, but a pandemic + summer break meant that’s when time was available to work on this one.  Cody had replaced a side of fence with the neighbor a couple of years back, but the remaining three sides needed updating, and a certain little dog had found all the holes and ways to get out of the fence.  Cody borrowed an auger tool, enlisted the help of a couple of friends and rebuilt our fence!

Like all good DIYers…we don’t have an excellent before, but I don’t think it took much to knock down the fence.  The hard part was all of the concrete posts, and a neighbor helped out with the demo and hauling of posts! 

After the demo was complete, they measured, and started drilling post holes, mixing concrete and the posts were set!

The next day they worked on framing it all out….


Then it was time to start putting up the pickets! LOTS of screws for this project! Thank goodness for those battery drills and helping hands. 

Updating our fence was also an addition to our back yard on the side of our house. The previous fence was where the mud line is in the pic below, and now extends out towards the front of our house!  This space will hopefully house a raised garden bed, and who knows what else. We have a great back yard, and are glad to have this extra space, too! 

One long side complete, front complete, and one long side left to go….

We worked in the evenings to finish it up, pickets, screws, repeat. 


The little supervisor was out to check out the progress once all the pickets were up and the yard was enclosed again. 

What they don’t show you on TV for projects like this is the amount of clean up left after the job is complete! We worked for another evening getting the trailer loaded and to the dump to finish off.  Cody’s mom stopped in and helped us for a bit too. 

Driving up the mountain of the dump with this trailer load was a little precarious, but we made it and after one more load to the Green Center we had an empty trailer, a tired and happy husband! 

Complete! Super thankful for Cody’s hard work and the help of our friends and neighbors. 

It’s often easier to hire out a project like this, and always more cost effective to do things yourself.  I’m thankful Cody has friends who are handy and willing to help on projects. There’s something about completing a project you worked with your own hands alongside of others that is satisfying.  

A few loads of sweaty laundry later and this project was crossed off our list as complete!  It’s one we will really enjoy and know it is a worthwhile investment in our home! 

Angie & Cody


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