Travel Reel: Matagorda 2020

With the delay of school starting due to the pandemic, we squeezed in one more getaway before the end of summer. It was a favorite for sure!  We love fishing, Cody has been fishing in Matagorda a few times, but I had never been, so we rented a little place, and packed our bags.  

Since it’s just a couple of hours away, we left our house around 6am, and were on the water to fish by 9am.  

There were some threats of rain, but we managed to have good weather while we were on the water. 


And, by 9:25 had caught a fish!

Cody gave me the steering wheel for a bit…scary for him?  Maybe….ha!

It was a great day on the water, we saw some dolphins, lots of “tailing redfish”.

We ended the first day with 4 keeper fish in the box – which means in the freezer for us! Yum!

We went out to get dinner at the local restaurant by the boat ramp 

And came back for some dominos on the porch to finish out the day. 


The next morning a college bestie who lives nearby met us to fish for the day.  

And, we were on the water for sunrise – one of my favorite things from the boat! 

It was a fun day on the water together. 

We went back to our place for a bit, dropped off my bestie, it rained, and then we went back for a little evening fishing. I caught my first flounder! 


Our third day we were back up and at em early for a sunrise on the water and a morning of fishing. 

With some keepers in the box again! 

A lot of fun, lot of catching fish, even some a little too small to keep…

 We headed in to clean fish and get ready to head out.  

So thankful for Cody always helping me with fish/when I get stuck on rocks/teaching me, and cleaning our fish to take home and stock up our freezer!

With a late checkout, we had a little time to jump in the pool! 

We loaded up, checked out and were on the road home after a fun weekend away. Meanwhile, Auggie was having his own party at the groomer. 


No matter the distance or the location, it’s fun to getaway and spend time outside of the normal day to day surroundings, and soaking up the beauty of God’s creation.  

Until the next trip, 
Angie & Cody

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