House Projects: Kitchen Repaint

One of our first inside projects was to re-paint the kitchen. This project had been on Cody’s list since he moved in, and we made it happen!   The color was a nice shade of avocado green and as a lover of the color green, this wasn’t one of my favorite shades. Here’s a before picture…

We started with a sample to make sure we liked the color, we did!  It’s HGTV Sherwin Williams Sea Salt, and you should know, 11 months later when we needed to have touch up paint we learned there are multiple colors of Sea Salt, which range in colors.  Ours, is HGSW Sea Salt. 

The furr downs dining area was likely wallpapered at some time because there was no texture on these walls. So, step one was to prime and add texture. Cody learned about texture and used Homex Wall Texture (found here at Lowe’s) and textured the dining area and furr downs around the kitchen. We don’t have any pics of this process, we are rookie DIY-ers. After texture and primer had time to dry we were off and running with the rest of the painting. 

The dining room was complete right before Angie’s birthday.  We should note, the light is also high on our list of things to replace.  In time…

A month later, Cody moved the fridge/icebox and Angie painted the furr downs, end wall and behind the fridge. 

And, finally, all of the walls were re-painted.  We love the color and given the time of day and weather conditions HGSW Sea Salt can look a variety of colors from green to blue to greenish-blue to gray and everything in between. 

Stay tuned, there’s more to come for our kitchen. Thanks for reading and blessings from our kitchen to yours! 

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