The Robertson Reel


It’s been a while. Almost a year, in fact.  For the entirety of 2020 I have had good intentions to get this site updated to reflect my life now.  I got married! So, hello to THE ROBERTSON REEL! 

I’m excited to get back on the writing horse. I still read blogs and imagine many others do, too. I love this platform for the things placed upon my heart to share. For one or for many. I truly believe I’ve been gifted and called to share. Bonus, my husband is going to share too! Hooray.  

So, welcome to the new site, it’s under construction and likely will be for a while, but we’ll get it figured out and all of the nooks and crannies updated in time. It feels good to be back here and to write again. The plan is to catch up on life over the past year..what in the heck has been going on? 

To name a few things… 
Wedding Planning 
Getting married 
House Projects 
Newlywed Life 
Road Trips 
Working from home 
Meal Planning 
Almost a full year of married life
Education in a pandemic
The list goes on… 

So, check back in, follow on social media (Instagram: @angiegrobertson and @corobertson_outdoors) for new posts and what we’re up to.  Be ready, this is going to be a little like Back to the Future. I’m planning to back-date a lot of posts so they are one day all in chronological order. 

Before I go, I want to say THANK YOU to those of you who ask about my blog, mention my writing and encourage me to keep going.  The enemy can get the best of us and let us believe there’s no need for another stop on the world wide web, with another blog. But, I’ve always believed our stories matter, and I’m not going to let the enemy’s voice win out. So, here’s to this little stop on the world wide web and the story of our life in a blog post reel. 

Blessings this Christmas season to you and yours, 


  1. G. House on December 5, 2020 at 6:08 pm

    This is wonderful and I’m so glad you are back at this!!!

  2. G. House on December 5, 2020 at 6:09 pm

    Ang! So glad you are back at this friend and Cody will be a neat addition!!

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