03.10 | The Interview

Lots of people have asked where Cody and I met. Today marks the third anniversary of the day we met, so it seemed like a good day to share our story.  And, it is good to remember and share where we started. 

Cody’s Story 

So back in 2018, I was selected for the Chairman’s interview. My night to go out of the floor was early in the show, when Blake Shelton was the entertainer. At the time I was a Vice-Chairman on Calf Scramble Arena and we went down “on the dirt” each night. While waiting, I would find who was being interviewed each night and give them some words of encouragement or make a joke or two to try to help them relax. One day in particular there was a woman getting interviewed. I did the same thing I had been doing for the past two weeks, talking to the person, giving a few pointers and that was about it.

After the Calf Scramble was over I saw two people on the gate who I like to call my “Rodeo Parents”, so I stayed and talked with them and we all listened to Angie’s interview. As she came off I told her she had done a great job and I walked off. Fast forward to the last night of the show in 2018 and I’m in the Chute Club with my friends from Calf Scramble when Angie came in with a common friend of ours and we started a conversation. These moments point to God having a hand in introducing me to the woman I was supposed to be with for the rest of my life. Reflecting on those moments only shows that you have to put your faith and trust in God, He will always get you there. My life has been blessed beyond measure. 

Angie’s Story 

I’ve told the story before (click here) of being interviewed by the Chairman of the Board during 2018 which Rodeo Houston celebrated 80 years of volunteers.  I’m a kid who was given an opportunity by my parents to join 4-H Sewing and Horse clubs and a fire was stoked in me then to one day give back because of those who gave to me. I’m a product of 4-H, FFA and Rodeo Houston. The skills I learned in those clubs are ones I still use today and a semester scholarship from our county GoTexan organization helped me pursue my college education. Rodeo has given me an unbelievable opportunity to meet people, to speak all over the city from pre-k through senior citizens, special needs to international groups and host thousands of 4-H, FFA and Intercollegiate contestants through Judging Contests. And that interview for me was my thank you for every person who’s been a part of my story! I was just so happy to have my whole family there for the day sharing in something that has meant so much to me through the years I have served as a volunteer.  

{Side note – for all of the years, 13 at the time, I have been a Rodeo volunteer I was constantly asked “can’t you meet anyone at the Rodeo” in regards to being single. No, I hadn’t met anyone who would become my husband at the Rodeo….}

The Show was so kind to the interviewees of the day with a few extra events to participate in and someone who served as an escort for the day to ensure I was everywhere I needed to be and on time. My escort was a former Officer in Charge to one of my committees and leader in public education, so that was special for me as well. As I was “waiting in the wings” I was mic’d up and tested for audio to be able to hear the Chairman during our interview.  I spoke briefly to a guy who was a Calf Scramble volunteer (I knew by his vest) who I remember telling me to “turn up the sound in my ears, it’s hard to hear on the dirt and good luck“. I said thank you and went on my way as I was directed. After my interview that same guy was by the gate, I was headed to see my family and I remember him telling me “good job” as I was exiting the arena. 

Fast forward to the last day of the Show and walking into the Chute Club after Garth Brooks concert with a friend and that guy and I started talking. The rest they say is history. 

So, I did finally meet someone at the Rodeo! ha!  We were two of 35,000 plus volunteers chosen to be two of twenty volunteer interviews that year. I’ll forever  be grateful to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, the impact it has had on my life and the chance (divine & purposeful) meeting we had March 10, 2018.  

It is bittersweet to not be at the Show together volunteering for our various committees,. However, we are grateful to be able to participate in small ways this year through our committees working within the private Junior Livestock Show and will be excited to return next year as HLSR celebrates its 90th year! 

(We were both onsite the day the Rodeo closed 2020 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.)

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